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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Don't Bring The Goons - Charlie (KM)

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Patricia has been in touch and she wants to meet… But Tariq and Steve aren’t going to be happy.

The new project Charlie is referring to may be the new Internet TV project JustIncredible.TV.
Ned Flanders and Homer Simpson are obvious references to the TV show The Simpsons. Ned Flanders is the religious zealot on the show, a likely reference to Steve. Tariq would be Homer Simpson, likely due to the fact that he is bald.
Jack the "jumper" was mentioned, just like in lonelygirl15

Don't Bring The Goons - Charlie (KM) on LGPedia.

Cadbury Creme Egg on LGPedia.


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  1. When she started talking about her new marketing client, the first thing I thought was justincredible.tv and the second thing I thought was the justincredible.tv is going to be a website that uses Tarik and Gavin's software.

    Anyone else thinking that?

  2. I'm sick of Jack.. Jack is annoying.. the kid is annoying... the movie jumpers now looks annoying.

  3. well i dare to disagree anony... i might not be excited about jumper, but i like jack, funny kid.

  4. There is a glowing light behind Charlie's shoulder, and for some reason, I thought Jack was going to appear in it... maybe for a quick trip to the break room to get some treats.

  5. The glowing light over Charlie's shoulder is a window. (Drove me crazy before I figured out what it was.) It's outside of her office.

  6. Nope, scratch that; it's a monitor.

  7. Give me one of those eggs, they look yummy!

  8. wow, the PP actually works for once.


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