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Sunday, January 27, 2008


The original MySpace post by Sean Vincent Biggins read:

Well, that seems to be the end of Dr. Hart. I had fun playing him and working with all of the series regulars. They're all pretty cool. I may have a couple of films coming up, so stay tuned. Thanks for watching.

this has now been changed to:

Well, is that the end of Dr. Hart? Do you really know what you think you know? Stay tuned...


  1. Um, yeah, the Creators made him change that. XD

  2. Maybe the reviews for his performance in Bloodlines: Part 4 were so positive, that they reconsidered killing the character off?

  3. Or, they can use a Crowley ceremony to bring him back from the after life....

    ...just saying....

  4. Or he is an elder and can be brought back to life with the blood of a trait positive girl.

  5. Looking at this from a "if this were real" perspective... (ha yeah right!)

    One would ask... why would they kill off a prominent geneticist that has made strides in creating a race of trait positives?

    Why not use their brainwashing/memory wiping techniques to reprogram the good doctor into him being a loyal little follower now?

    I hope we have not seen the last of Dr. Hart.

  6. no one ever really dies on lg15.

  7. Dun dun dun....
    Make it more obvious =P
    The lonelycrackers will catch it in a second.


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