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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Gregg Goodfried was in LG15 Chat

Gregg Goodfried was in LG15 Chat earlier in the evening.

GregGoodfried: "just an FYI, we didn't hire anyone and we don't have people come in here "in character" unless it's either an announced live event or one of our core characters"

You can visit the official LG15 chat room here.

Here is some information on Lg15 Chat & Some General Guidelines


  1. In case anyone is majorly confused by this, there was someone in the chat looking for Jack for about two hours, who then claimed to have played us all, and he was hired by the C's to remain in character in the chat.

    It was honestly more sad than anything else.

  2. i love the drama of fake irc characters though. he got some abuse the other night for trying this as well.


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