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Friday, January 18, 2008

LG15 Chat DRAMA!!!

Hey guys, This is a semi-random post, but meeeh. So...ever wonder what EXACTLY we talk about AFTER in character interaction, and after all the lights, cameras and characters step out of chat?? Well.........I think we all begin to miss the drama, so we create some of our own ;) .......and NO i don't mean REAL drama........I mean played out drama.......don't know what I mean? .......so last night...we were uuuuuuber bored, and we started to mourn the loss of our active chat ....sooo this happened (ps: were referring to chat, not a person LOL .......and yeah for some reason chat was a "he" last night lolol)

immortal1: get the defribullator
JenniPowell: clear!
immortal1: again!
immortal1: call it
immortal1: time of death 1:56am PST
* HAMmy criez emo tearz
HAMmy: :'(
immortal1: I'm sorry we did all we could
HAMmy: noooooooooooooooooooo
HAMmy: no!
HAMmy: one more time!
HAMmy: u have to try one more time!
HAMmy: please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAMmy: WHOHOW iv watched tooo much ER
immortal1: he's in a better place now...
* HAMmy criez
HAMmy: but
HAMmy: but
HAMmy: i didnt get to say goodbye!
HAMmy: it wasnt supposed to happen this way!
HAMmy: we had a plan dammit!!!!!!!
immortal1: the damage was too extensive. I'm sorry.
HAMmy: but....................i need to say goodbye!
HAMmy: its not his fault!
HAMmy: i was mad!
HAMmy: i need to say goodbye and tell him im not mad anymore~
HAMmy: noooooo
HAMmy: !
immortal1: as long as you keep him in your heart--he'll always be with you
immortal1: he knows.
HAMmy: noooo
immortal1: he knows.
HAMmy: i dont want him to be in my heart!
HAMmy: i want him to be with me!
HAMmy: noooo!
HAMmy: i want to see him again
* HAMmy wheepz
immortal1: well...no it's to dangerous.
HAMmy: but!
HAMmy: ...
HAMmy: but
HAMmy: !
HAMmy: ...
* HAMmy criez
HAMmy: without him i have no life!!!!!!!!!!!
--| HAMmy has left #LG15chat
immortal1: LOL!!

This has possibly got to be the most random post in the entire world, but it's a shameless plug for our chat (LG15chat) .........SOOOO.........come join us and act out your own ER drama!!!!!!! LOLOLOL


  1. ::::::::BUILDS A FAIRY DUST WALL:::::::::::

  2. Fairy dust is everywhere. Grab a broom. . .

  3. noooooo dont clean up my awesomeness fairy dust!!!! LOL

  4. I just thought I always come on too late :( When everyone is normally sleeping..

  5. If only Dr. Immant had been on call last night....

  6. ahhhhh if only, if only *bows her head in disappointment*


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