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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Below are daily view statistics for the last 6 Lonelygirl15 videos at the end of Season 2. They include the 4 "Bloodlines" videos that made up the finale.

Source: http://tubemogul.blogspot.com/

1 comment:

  1. Those are interesting graphs modelmotion has placed on the tubemogul.blogspot.com page. (and they continue to update)

    One amazing thing is that "Girl Tied Up" is continuing to get about 200K views a day, is close to 3.5 million now total, and is on YouTube's top 100 all time list.

    That trend should fall off after a month on the top of the "this month" lists, but once it hits the "all time" lists, it will never completely go away. Wow.

    Since release, Girl Tied Up accounts for more than half of all views per day for all lonelygirl15 videos (roughly speaking). It's hard to ignore those kind of numbers. (Beer Bath and Am I a criminal also have drawn large view counts).

    However, the better news is that the finale videos have received a decent amount of attention and much higher ratings - I think that is a more successful route in terms of building a loyal audience long term. Subcriber count continues to climb slowly on the lonelygirl15 channel, at the moment it is 100,893 (up from 100,000 nine days ago Jan 22nd).


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