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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Miss You... - Charlie (KM)

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I wanted to send a message to Kate. Here goes...

This confirms it was Kate who died.

I Miss You... - Charlie (KateModern) on LGPedia.

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  1. Hey! Charlie is wearing my hoodie!

  2. What does the M7 stand for? ...or is it Mi7?

  3. Tara's acting is amazing here. She's a very good crier.

  4. Wow... Tara Rushton is AMAZING... truly.

  5. Please can we now call the show "The amazing adventures of Charlie"?

  6. She's probably not really dead...

  7. I too doubt that kate is dead, i doubt that a trait positive girl would be killed. Her blood is too valuable.

    Either she has faked her death, or it has been mis-reported and kate friend who we didn't see in kate last video was killed.

  8. This means Jack is soon to be killed by the Palladin! Can't have a series with a living title character in the Breeniverse. (Assuming Kate is really dead and not just eating cookies with Maddison and Bree.)

  9. If I wanted to watch stories about young, hopeful girls dying violent, senseless deaths, I just go watch the news. There's plenty of that out there. How about a storyline that swings in a positive direction for a change?

  10. Because positive is BORING.

    Go watch a Disney film (not Bambi - you probably won't like it).

  11. What are you trying to say? Did something happen to Bambi, I should know about?

  12. Wow, Tara did a fantastic job... she got me crying too!

    Like some people here I don't think Kate is really dead; I think she faked her death so she could do research on the girls. But if she did fake her death, I wonder if we will we get updates from Kate, and if so, how we will get them without the Order seeing the videos?


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