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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Interactivity Update

"Here’s an overview of what’s been taking place while you were busy opening presents, hanging with family and friends, and bringing in the New Year."



  1. Jennie seems like a girl who can take care of herself. Do we really want to make her life harder by having Daniel and Jonas a part of it? Lets be honest, they aren't very good and have only survived this long because either the HoO doesn't want them or don't see them as a real threat. I like Jennie and Sarah, and I don't want Daniel or Jonas to get them killed.

  2. Joe, I will attempt a rebuttal of your statement, if only because of the fact that you yourself maynot actually even exist.

    The HoO have been manipulating Jonas and Daniel. Rather than destroy them, the HoO seems more bent on using them.

  3. After participating, don't forget your complimentary cup of juice, cookie, and lapel sticker : "I interacted."


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