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Friday, January 18, 2008

Iris2009 was in LG15 chat!

Iris2009 was in the LG15 chatroom earlier this evening.

Help him if you can!

Iris2009: "alright....i may need to go...im in a hurry...gotta figure out what to do next!."

"yeah, thanks for your help and see you in SF!"

It is not clear if he will be back later.



  1. It's pretty bad when an honest opinion is posted, then deleted. I thought comments were here to post opinions. I guess negative opinions don't count. I have one word for that. Bias.

    Anonymous LG15 Addict

    PS. I do have UGC. However, falling out of character isn't something I do. I'm sure most of you have seen my UGC already. In fact, I know most of you all have seen it.

  2. I did not read Anonymous LG15 Addict's comment, so I cannot speak for what it said or the reason that someone chose to delete it. I will say that I don;t think censoring someones thoughts/comments is fair, and that LG15Today does support freedom of speech (as long as it isnt abusive to others.)

    At the very least, our of respect, the person who deleted the comment should post another comment explaining their actions and why they felt it was necessary to remove Anonymous LG15 addicts comment.

  3. Thanks, Greg. You Rock!

    Anonymous LG15 Addict

    PS. You know the real me. :P

  4. We are not sure why a comment was deleted.

    Normally no comments are deleted unless something was said that was a lie, maliciously inaccurate and/or harmful.

    We will try and find out.

    If you want to leave your e-mail here I can send you what we discover.

    At the same time I want to point out that the blog works on the premise that ALL posters act with personal responsibility.....thats the only way we can keep things open and free.

  5. I can tell you that all I basically said was that I don't care for Iris2009's videos. I said nothing harmful, just my honest opinion. I am a very opinionated person. Sorry if I offended anyone.

    Anonymous LG15 Addict

  6. LOL!

    You used words like "sucks" and "idiot".

    What an attempt at sugar coating Addict.

    You also originally posted that you "probably sound(ed) like an ass".

    I agree with you 100%.

    And if it walks like an ass, and sounds like an ass...

    Honestly, this blog is really starting to go downhill.

    The clique of people who have now, for the second time in a week, supported a personal attack against a long-standing LG15 community member need to distance themselves from LG15.

    Maybe this whole blog does.

    This cruel attitude is NOT what LG15 represents.

  7. Am I the only one who is making a connection here between the cruelty and exclusive attitude of the Opheads of the past and this new group who call themselves the Red Army?

    Is this what Glenn's work attracts?

    Just saying...

  8. Iris knows we support his videos as we support all fan video series.

    I have been around LG15 long enough to know how harsh some people can be but the vast majority of people in this community do what they can to support these efforts and positively encourage video makers.

    If you sacrifice freedom to silence a few then what have you really gained? It was never the approach used by the Creators on LG15 comments and it is not the approach used here.

    You are free to use or not use the blog as you choose but, if you do use it then just be respectful of other members. It is what we do.

  9. "If you sacrifice freedom to silence a few then what have you really gained? It was never the approach used by the Creators on LG15 comments and it is not the approach used here.

    You are free to use or not use the blog as you choose but, if you do use it then just be respectful of other members. It is what we do."

    I can't speak to the deleted comment without seeing it, but modelmotion's explanation above is exactly how things should be censored. Common sense rules the day usually, and if someone crosses that line, it is handled as appropriately. It has always worked for lg15 comments and this blog and I think it will continue to work.

    This blog is better than ever, with over 40 contributers to keep up with all of the ever growing things to keep up with, between breaking news, videos, and general breeniverse happenings. I am proud to help out here at this community blog, as I think it is an invaluable asset to the lg15 community. Also, LG15Today won a hopey, so obviously it has that going for it. :)

  10. i cannot wait to see iris' sure-thing guest starring spot in next week's live event.

  11. Anonymous, I have to respectfully disagree with you.

    No one is supporting a "Personal attack" they are supporting non-censorship and freedom of speech. Just like you have the right to talk bad about Glenn and OpAphid members other have the right to express their opinions as well.

    Also, I'm afraid your horribly uninformed about ... well everything. Do you even know the history of OpAphid? This is the second time you mention it, perhaps if you had the courage to post a comment on anything other than anonymous we could have a discussion like civilized people, instead of others having to reply to your unfounded biased comments.

  12. greggallows:

    I read the original post.
    It was a blatant personal attack made by someone who posted anonymously and will not reveal who they are, even though they purport to be someone "everyone" knows.

    Yet, you call me out for my anonymity. Interesting.

    You wouldn't know me anyway. I was never a big poster at LG15, haven't posted there since CiW, or a big participant in the chats. What I am, however, is an LG15 fan who has been around a lot longer than many.

    I was also around during OpAphid (funny, I don't remember your s/n being around). I followed Op before it was canon. You really need to do some archive reading over at LG15, or ask long-time fans with regards to my statements about OpHeads. The sentiments I've expressed were those of many at the time. A few members of the Red Army were expressing the same thing back in the day. It's pretty ironic actually.

    I know the history. I was there.
    Were you?

    As for Glenn, I haven't made anything close to a personal attack against him. I challenge you to back that statement up with fact.
    That I have suggested that Glenn's work seems to be attracting negativity and cruelty towards others... the BreeFM incident and addict's post, along with such things as the negative voting in the Storyteller Challenge and OpHead drama over at LG15 are my proof.

    Bottom line, the personal attack against Iris on BreeFM was despicable, and so was anonaddict's post. The chatlog that Perky posted on her blog, along with the comments here supporting addict's beef, coming from contributors to this Blog, are telling.

    That it has even been inferred in these comments that LG15 would choose freedom of speech over moderation (mistakenly called censorship) is actually pretty funny. ANYONE who has been a long-time LG15.com community member/follower would laugh at that. If I had a nickel for every time an Admin, Mod, Operator, etc. was accused of censorship over the past year and a half, and a quarter for every thread created about it, I'd never have to work again.

    And, seriously Milo, who really cares. He's playing a character, which is what the C's have encouraged everyone to do. He's put himself out there more than most, for a long time. He'd be on my shortlist to actually get it, based soley on seniority and dedication alone.

  13. Anonymous :

    First and foremost, let me say that when I make statements or comments they are mine and mine alone and do not reflect anyone at LG15Today.

    Secondly, No I was not around during OpAphid. I am fully aware of it's history, the good and the bad, and I am calling your statements uncredited and biased because they are simply that. Bottom line, your mad about the way Iris got treated. Glenn, OpAphid, and the Red Army have nothing to do with that, plain and simple. The people that you are accusing of being insensitive to another LG15 fan arent all even redearth fans (go ahead, ask perky when the last RE episode she watched was) and the ones that are are also fans of a lot of other series. The Myspace fiasco? Im sorry, but here again you are mis-informed, Jeromy Barber was the one in that contest not Glenn Rubenstein and the overzealous actions of a fan during that contest were not supported by anyone, he stood alone in his decisions. It seems to me like you are just using a personal issue you have with Glenn/OpAphid to help support an argument you have about the way Iris was treated, which makes no sense.

    "That it has even been inferred in these comments that LG15 would choose freedom of speech over moderation (mistakenly called censorship) is actually pretty funny."

    No, whats funny is that you assume this site and LG15.com are one and the same. Did you not notice the .blogspot in the address bar?

    Simply put, I think everyone that posts comments here should have the ability to speak their mind freely, about their likes and dislikes and I will support them in such (including yourself).

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. It seems somewhat ridiculous that someone would choose this time to anonymously compare the Red Army to the fans formerly known as "OpHeads."

  16. Hey, everyones family, lets be that way!

  17. Hmmmm, I haven't been involved at all in this particular flare up (or whatever it is), but it does seem that several different events are being kind of lumped together, covering a lot of time - that makes it pretty hard to sort anything out.

    Modelmotion has tried to communicate something about the policy/habit of this blog in terms of freedom, personal responsibility, moderation/censorship - these are hard things to pin down.

    There's always a tension between individual freedom, and 'community views' being imposed - both can go too far.

    Personally, I don't view airing differences of opinion, even in a very direct way that critcizes behavior, is a "personal attack," but sometimes the community is very uncomfortable with that kind of conflict taking up too much of the common space, which is understandable. And it is natural for people to be biased in many various ways.

    Public name-calling usually does not fit my idea of a constructive or substantive discussion. It doesn't bother me much if anonymous name-calling that seems like abuse without substance is removed.

    I don't particularly care for mindless hype without substance either, but as long as it does not take up too much space, it's no big deal.

  18. "It seems somewhat ridiculous that someone would choose this time to anonymously compare the Red Army to the fans formerly known as "OpHeads.""

    Why not? A lot of the same players are still around in chat and contributing to the Red Earth Spamathon on YT (wow! my error code was SHILL). There is also the same attitude around, as I've already referenced.

    One word: Bullying.

    MicF bullied Iris on BreeFM (when the victim wasn't even around to defend themselves).
    The chat bullied QtheC in the chat when he spoke up about it.
    And now we have AnonAddict bullying on this blog.

    How interesting the difference between the replies to this blog entry and to the deleted blog entry that QtheC posted regarding the BreeFM chat incident. Since it was someone not in the little clique (who, by the way, never stoops to the same level as the bullies and is a far better person for it) there is no outrage, and it's pretty much being condoned here.

    Why hasn't the original post been returned for all to see here?

    As for your comments greggallows, since you weren't around, anything you "know" about the Opaphid days is completely based on biased heresay. The complete blow-up on the boards over at LG15.com regarding all of this is fact and history that can not be changed or erased.

    The Myspace contest vote tampering was prominently promoted on this blog, and specifically targeted to the Red Army (I read the blog, and the red banner at the top of this one was a good indicator too lol). As for your statement regarding this being the work of one fan, you forget it was a public blog before it was locked up, and that members of the Red Army were posting that they were opening multiple accounts to tamper with the votes.

    Nothing to do with Jeromy or Glenn.
    This has to do with the group of people their work has attracted and the actions of those people.

    As for your reference to Perky, she is but one small player here, but I will mention the irony of the fact that she and MicF both censored QtheC in chat for absolutely nothing close to a personal attack against anyone, just a difference of opinion, and yours along with the other posts against censorship in these blog replies. MicF and the people in chat are equally at fault here -- that MicF would personally attack a long-standing LG15 community member, and that the people in chat would attack QtheC, ganging up as they did telling him if he didn't like it to leave, stop listening, censoring him, are just as ironic. Considering this attitude of the BreeFM community (which is mainly comprised of the Red Army) and the posters who have replied to this blog (who are mostly members of the Red Army), here's a suggestion. If you don't appreciate Iris' stuff, DON'T WATCH IT.

    If LG15today.blogspot.com can not live up to the standards and spirit of the community of LG15, whose copyrighted namesake they've taken, it's time to drop the LG15. If LG15today.blogspot.com can not hold members of it's readership to the same standards, with favoritism and selective censorship and different rules for different people, it's time to drop the LG15.


  19. BreeFM and LG15Today are valued parts of the lg15 community, and they are valued parts of the Breeniverse. The community greatly benefits from both LG15Today and BreeFM being around. They represent the entire diverse lg15 community. Anyone can contribute at lg15Today, that has always been one of the hugest draws of lg15today, and why this blog has always been a huge asset to the community!

    I would like to clarify some things you said because you are mistaken about some things.

    As far as the BreeFM incident you keep referring to, Mic apologized on air, and Iris said him and Mic have talked privately, and the thing with Q is a private matter between him and Mic that I am sure will be settled or has already been settled, and is really none of the community's business. That thing was blown way out of proportion, and I think it is now being handled privately as it should.

    I don't want to rehash old stuff, but somehow, you linked the Myspace incident with this. In the end, no one created extra accounts, as you say. One member of the community suggested we do it, and created a separate blog and put the banner on lg15today. After the community had a conversation about it, we all said it was cheating, including the community member who came up with the original idea. Even that community member never made extra accounts, but was going to later. No one made extra accounts in the end.

    Also, once comments are deleted on blogger, they cannot be brought back. They are gone forever. We will never know what that comment says.

    I have to disagree that I don't think those of use who like to call ourselves the Red Army are bullies or exclusive. In fact, I can be quite cuddly. Just kidding. But seriously, the entire lg15 community is one of the most loving communities on the Internet, and the Red Army is simply a diverse subset of this loving community. I am sorry you don't seem to like us, for whatever reason. I will say that you are trying to link unrelated occurances to try and prove a point. But, the point simply can't be made.


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