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Wednesday, January 30, 2008




  1. A couple of things I noticed in the interview:

    Tara (Charlie) two or three times added phrases about who killed Kate such as "if she's really dead" or "if she's still dead" ...

    One of the writer/producers said he was one of only four people who know who killed Kate, and that there are clues being given in the videos that the audience is not aware of yet, but will become clear later "over several months."

  2. Also in the interview near the end...

    One fan was invited to Kate's funeral video - Thomas (Henderson) (not sure of the exact name), but his favorite character is Steve, and he appeared in the video breaking up the fight.

  3. Thomas at at a few of the other live events too. He is like a regular.

  4. ""if she's really dead" or "if she's still dead" "

    Those jumped out at me too Q. I wonder what they are getting at. Definately a need to dig deeper into Kate's "death".


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