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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

KateModern Season Finale

Despite us Brits being known for our raging hangovers on January 1st from too much partying the night before, the KM crew still bravely put three vlogs up for their season finale.

Tariq revealed that Julia (in a dramatic turn around from their romantic Christmas video) had dumped him. Now thats harsh, getting a guy to skip fairy-like down the high street before sending him to dumpsville. Maybe she couldnt see much future as Mrs Clause?
Tariq: "Theres not much call for Santa impersonators in January"
The poor boy then explained he had a new line of employment
Tariq: "Ive got a new job and I've got a way to put right all the recent wrongs rolled into one".

Previously Charlie fed up with runaway Kate, Santa-suit Tariq and gormless Gavin (I'm sorry, I love Gavin but how much sherry can one man drink??) decided to return to Australia to be reunited with her estranged daughter Kim (we all saw that one coming right?) In the next vlog Gavin appeared to have come off Auntie Joans liquor cabinet and decided to take action.
Whilst packing a rather girly travel bag he declared
Gavin: "I know she's mad at me and I know I acted like a pillock..again.. but I cant let her go without a fight, especially now that I know about Kim. I'm good with kids! I'm sort of on their level" (You dont say)
So Lancelot was all ready to go but unfortunately Terrence (with new side kick Tariq in tow) had other plans.
Terrence: "Your phones been off all night! Where are you going?"
Gavin: "Er New Years Eve fancy dress party..I'm going as a baggage handler"
Terrence: "Good we're going too, we'll give you a lift"
Gavin: "Thats.."
Terrence: "NO. We INSIST.Wouldnt be the same without you. Come on lets go"

So the scene was set. In Terrences car Gavin declared;
Gavin: "I've heard of some stupid plans in my time. I'll even admit to having come up with a few myself, but this one really takes the biscuit!"
Terrence: "You got any better ideas? Because we tried doing nothing and it didnt work!"
Gavin: "You put the Watcher in a freezer!!!"
Gavin then said the ultimate catchphrase.
Gavin: "If this doesnt end in tears then my name isn't Phillonius T DeepGoat."
To add to the omen of bad things to come, in the back of the car Terrence revealed 3 balaclavas and a gun that even Jonas would find scary. Poor T&G realised they were in over their heads but were dragged in by the now extremely scary Terrence.
At the HoO headquaters Gavin made a final attempt to talk sense.
Gavin "I'm in IT not the bloody SAS!"
The three blasted into the meeting hall to where Michelle Clore was sitting, however her trusty Shadows also blasted in with their scary guns too. Terrence appeared to be shot whilst Gavin and Tariq were persued at great speed.
On the street Tariq ran into a police officer (that was handy!)
Tariq: "Oh thank God! I'm being chased by this mad guy, he's got a gun!"
Unfortunately the police assumed Tariq meant Gavin who was hot on his heels carrying Terrence's gun.
Whilst watching Gav get maised in the eyes and handcuffed he could only protest Tariq:"You got the wrong guy!"

So what now? Will Charlie return? Will Gavin be sent to prison (you dont want the nickname DeepGoat whilst in the slammer! Free the DeepGoat 1!) What of Tariq? He is surely on the Orders most wanted list now! And where is Kate and who is she with?

Stay tuned...

The KM crew want to know what YOU think of the season finale! Please leave a comment below!


  1. It was satisfying, and no one I liked died so


  2. yeah i liked it too, mabye a bit too vague in what exactly they planned to do, but good none the less

  3. I think the KM crew is doing a very good job with everything. A good season was finished off by a great season finale-some closure, but also a cliffhanger, to keep us all going. :-) A perfect formula, I say.

  4. Why am I expecting Lee to be doing an intership as the night watchman at the local jail?

  5. Why do they always leave the most important things unresolved? What happened to all the gnomes? Not all of them were destroyed, some made it, where are they, are they ok, will we see them again? I want some bloody answers.

  6. The Gnomes are working for The Order now. They're being bred to work as tiny spies.

  7. Clore's next artwork: "Death of the Gnomes"


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