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Monday, January 14, 2008

Learn how to TELEPORT! - Jack (watchyourjack)

Learn how to TELEPORT!

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Teleporting is getting pretty easy - well, so far...

NOTE: for links to previous stories and information on Jack or "Jumper", visit our watchyourjack blogspot portal page.


  1. Currently this video is not playing. We are looking into the problem but it appears to be from YouTube. Perhaps Jack jumped onto another web site:)

  2. I couldn't help but notice that there are several webcams operating in the Chicago area.

    One covers the famous entrance to Wrigley Field. There are several skycams on the roofs of some of the downtown buildings.

    Perhaps someone could suggest to Jack that he teleport to one of these locations as a demonstration of his abilities? I mean, right in front of the camera. Let us know when he's gonna do it beforehand. That kind of thing.

    It would be pretty cool to see that.

  3. Jack accidentally teleported into the 436. I am sure he will be back soon. Perhaps he can bring Mesh with him:)

  4. From Jack's MySpace: (which has been verified as being official as stated in-game on whatweird.com)
    17 years old
    Chicago, Illinois
    United States

    But right underneath that is this:
    Ummm so I've gotta confession... I'm not really from Chicago. That was sorta wishful thinking. The sad fact is, I live in LA... and hate it. I know everyone says LA's weather is so great, but I kinda think snow, wind, rain, any kind of change at all would be fun... Maybe it's cuz my Dad likes the Cubs, or because I ate deep dish pizza the night I made this profile, but I guess Chicago was just on the mind.

    I would've loved if they had filmed in Chicago... that would have been massively fun (for me) to see any filmings they did in public.

  5. Is it playing on MySpace. I notice that the views on YouTube are still being counted even if the video does not load.

  6. Well, with that, I changed it to the myspace video. Because. . it actually plays.

  7. Ok, clearly hopefulsilence knows this thing better than any of us.

    Perhaps he could suggest a demonstration in front of Dodger's Stadium? There's a publicly accessible webcam there, and it is a pretty well known spot in Los Angeles.

    There are also many skycams in LA as well, on the top of the downtown skyscrapers.

    I'm not gonna sign up there just to suggest that.

  8. LMAO!
    I'll be sure to ask my dear friend Jack if he could demonstrate his powers for us!


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