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Friday, January 18, 2008


The Life of a Lurker - stellacat
My entry into the Lg15 addiction contest. Not expecting to win, but thought it would be fun and it was. :-)
P.S I didn't mean to steal the term 'Inside LG15' I was going more for it resembling "Inside Edition." By bad.

My addiction video. - MetztliStar
nuff said.

To view other "LG15 Addict" videos visit our LG15 Addict blogspot page. (we do not have the official entry list so if you think your video should be on the addict playlist just leave the URL in a comment below and we will add it.)


  1. The face, the hair, the dancing, the singing ... can there be any doubt? stellacat is the female acidfingers.

  2. ... or maybe acidfingers is the male stellacat, one or the other.
    (pictures added - wow!)

  3. Dang qthec! I think you found me my long lost twin brother!!!

  4. Q, you have an amazing imagination.

    I must say ... the resemblance is quite striking.

  5. Pretty sweet dance moves stellacat. Dance-off?


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