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Thursday, January 24, 2008

LG15 Live Event Footage/Summary

Jenni Powell convinced me to upload and edit my footage from the Ghirardelli square meetup yesterday. We decided to post it here because the link is already on LGpedia and .. well .. I doubt you all would have wanted to hear anything from me.
-Greg Gallows


  1. Thanks for the vid, Greg!

  2. Despite the mounting evidence, (watcher tattoo, watcher haircut, mole photo), I still want to believe that Greg Gallows is innocent. After all, the text message came from Jonas, a trustworthy source, but how often has he judged situations correctly?

  3. i would really have liked more of an explination from Greggers.

    Greg, is that really all you have to say for yourself???

  4. Greg, I'm strangely attracted to you know...oh no it's true what they say, you really do fall for the bad boys! hahaha You guys were amazing seriously I wish I could have been there!! watch your back greggers! hehe

  5. I think that if Greg were innocent, he would have at least said so. Maybe not tried desperately to prove it inc ase it gave him less cred, but still.

    Dewd. Greg, my man. I think you owe us a talk... you know, if your higher-ups won't mind...

    *cant actually watch vid, mom will hear it*

  6. this seems like a confession to me..


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