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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lonelygirl Gets A New Sponsor: Fox's "Jumper" (NWS)

"Like the second season, where sponsor Neutrogena was woven into the plot, the third season will have a storyline that ties into the upcoming Fox release, "Jumper"."



  1. Oh God, you mean we are going get more of that? I keep hoping that we've seen the last of that irritating teleporting kid.

  2. Seriously? Ridiculous. Because the whole Neutrogena plot line was so well-written. And then when the character is decently fleshed out, finally, they just disappear him once the money runs out.

    LG15 has a great knack of taking great concepts and then right when you think it's going to work, destroying it in front of everyone.

  3. Maybe Dr. Hart is going to jump into the movie.

  4. In my opinion the creators went out of they're way to keep LG15 away from the supernatural. Which is why people were so pissed about Emma's touch of death and all that other crap. I don't see how they can work this into the plot.

  5. Oh god, MORE Jack?!


  6. Wasn't Neutrogena the sponsor for Season 1? Spencer was only in 1 video for Season 2, after all.

    Maybe the article is just really late to catch on, and the whole Jumper business was just for Season 2. :D

  7. lets just hope they dont start having powers....soon it will be LG15 superheroes saving the wrold from the order every day with x-ray vision and death rays

  8. That article struck me as a bit muddy on the facts.

  9. slique, personally i think you're right.


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