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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

lonelygirl15 YouTube channel reaches 100K subscriptions

It has been several months since YouTube subscriptions dropped suddenly due to a subscription counting bug that has since been fixed. At that time, the lonelygirl15 channel dropped below the 100,000 subscriptions, even after restoration of the counts.

The high view counts for the last view videos appear to be translating into new subscribers, up from about 99,450 a few days ago, the lonelygirl15 channel has reached 100,000 again.

Top YouTube channel subscriptions:

1st smosh 236K
2nd universalmusicgroup 168K
3rd esmeedenters 111K
4th kevjumba 110K
5th HappySlip 109K
6th lonelygirl15 100K
7th miaarose 97K
8th JamesNintindoNerd 91K
9th WilliamSledd 87K


  1. Given over 1 million views for a video, I would have expected a much larger bump in subs. How should we interpret that?

  2. Amazing screen cap Q.

    U r on the ball!!!!!

  3. I think the uptick in subscriptions is good news, but it needs to continue for the series to be considered a big success.

    Factoring in the departure of Jessica Rose, it's pretty impressive that LG15 has kept things going, making use of the money from Bebo to build the cast.

    I'm interested to see what happens in the season 2 finale, and particularly how well produced the 4 videos turn out to be.

  4. lg15 seems to have a bad rap on youtube, people like to hate it, so the sub numbers don't rise. smosh revels in brand of "humor" and just kills everyone in subs--cornering the young male market.

    i am rooting for WHATTHEBUCK to continue its ascent, that guy is quite amusing.

  5. Are we suppose to buy that they have exactly 100,000 subscribers.

  6. I hope WhatTheBuck keeps ascending, too; he's a lot funnier than Smosh.

  7. Anonymous, they had exactly 100,000 subscribers at the time (early this morning) that the screen shot was taken. When I first posted this article they had 99,994 and at the moment I post this comment, they have 100,059.

    The number has been slowly and steadily increasing for the past few days.


  8. I think a lot of LG15 got into WHATTHEBUCK when he posted "Lonelygirl15 is dead!"

    Breebrows xD


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