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Friday, January 11, 2008

Looking For A Date - Sarah (LG15)

Daniel and I went to Verdus and all we found was the macman. - Sarah

Can You Help Figure Out The Match.com Password?
To help, visit The Forum Thread

The link in the description of this video led to the Match.com profile for none other than PharmaGuy!

To Learn more about Match.com check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Match.com

Note: Match.com is owned by IAC Interactive which is the company run by Barry Diller of HSN fame. IAC also owns Ticketmaster, ask.com and a host of smaller companies.

Looking For A Date - Lonelygirl15 (Sarah) on LGPedia.

Ted McKinley on LGPedia.

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  1. Just copying my comments from Anchor cove here:

    The Match.com link obviously includes a code, as it includes the following information on "Pharmaguy's" previous relationships:

    Relationships: Never Married,
    Currently Separated,

    Pharmaguy can't be all of them.

  2. Now that is some shitty blatant advertising.

  3. I think its called a product placement.....but yea it does seem pretty forced.

  4. with a name like lonely girl it is no surprise.

    i hate stupid dating sites.

  5. More than likely the password to the Verdus site is in his profile... and it probably has something to do with the Dodgers.

  6. I think Daniel has found his calling.

  7. i thought the ad intergration was pretty seamless. if they are going to plant a code on a dating site, why not make it a real one?

  8. Considering that the link is down now I don't think this was product placement anymore. Thank you whoever took the screenshot.

    His password is has to beassociated with Dodgers and Baseball or swing dancing. He has no kids and kids's names are the first things us security pros would try.

    Long live Pharma guy

  9. Apo, at present, the page has those relationships listed under "About My Date" (i.e. who he is looking for), which makes more sense than his own history.

    Maybe the page was updated?

  10. I've got an idea... what if Nikki B. got a Match account... She is pretty close to fitting what he is looking for in a woman.

  11. I see that QtheC. I think it was displayed that way to begin with, and I just misread it.

    I do that alot, lately. I think I need new glasses or something!

  12. Good job Sarah. You were able to read the username and password, but not able to remember said password. I'm sorry...but does your brain work at all?

    Luckily Daniel in the Clown suit saved this video and made it awesome. In a kinda freaky sorta way.

  13. Opening day has been and gone hasnt it? Is that a clue?

  14. I loved this video.

  15. Pharmaguy needs to find his eternal song hes too angry

  16. I wonder what the look on Yousef's face was when they told him he had to dress up like a clown.


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