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Monday, January 21, 2008

Lost & Found - Daniel (LG15)

We're on the road. We need your help - Daniel

TAGS for this video included: "Girl Tied Up"

Daniel: Hey, guys. We're all together: me, Sarah, Jennie, and Jonas. And we're at an- (Receives a glass of water.)
Look, we spent the weekend going over everything we found at McKinley's place. The clinical trials, the medical history... And you guys aren't going to believe this: Gina isn't Patient 11. In fact, there are pictures of all the girls in the Hart Study. Gina wasn't even a patient; her name isn't mentioned - anywhere. It just doesn't make any sense.
The good news is that we think we figured out who's behind Verdus. See, Jonas was going over McKinley's company budgets, and found over $500 million in wire transfers going from Biotherapy Report LLC to Verdus Pharmaceuticals, specifically the Hart Study and the Lullaby Project. Now, who would want to invest half-a-billion dollars to produce trait positive girls? Biotherapy Report LLC is just a front for the Order. And it's not doubt that they're the ones that took Emma.
Now, we have the P.O. Box for Biotherapy. It's not a big lead, but it's where we're headed. I just hope that Emma's still okay.
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  1. WOW a PO Box. What are the odds that someone important will go pick up the mail on a Friday afternoon right before the oh so important ceremony? What are the odds?

  2. $500 million ?

    If Daniel is as far off on the amount of money as Emma was in estimating the mass of a Proton (one 16th of a pound / 1 a.m.u.), then the actual amount of funding would be about:

    7.23 x 10^-15 cents
    or about 7 millionths of a billionth of a penny.

  3. oops, I think I used the mass of a carbon-12 atom (12 a.m.u.'s) by mistake, so the actual value would be 1/12 of what I said... not that anyone cares... you get the idea.

  4. Everything is a "front" for The Order. hahahahahahahahahahah XD

  5. I'm confused. How do Wyman, Verdus and Biotherapy relate to each other? There seems to be a lot of redundancy there.

  6. immo1... you're right... A LOT of redundancy around here...
    again.. i can see the ploholes surfacing

  7. I am bettering that the number on the P.O. Box will be 436.

  8. immo, it's like if you write all of those on paper plates it makes sense... or something.

  9. Good news - Jennie appears to have stayed around after delivering Jonas.

  10. so, um...

    if they are investing half a billion dollars, wouldn't they spare with a million or so to put a trail on TAAG and have 'em bumped off?

    i'm just sayin'...


  11. If they open up PO Box 436 all the plot holes might come out.


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