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Monday, January 14, 2008

Lucinda leaves From Above

It seems as though Lucinda (Who plays Julia) has left her band for Kate Modern, if this press release by the band is anything to go by!

"Due to filming commitments away from the band Lucinda has decided she cannot dedicate the time From Above dictates as of major label signing from 2008, therefore it is with regret that both parties have agreed to part company. We wish Lucinda all the best in the future and hope she achieves all she desires in the world of acting!"

Ed: In addition to her role as "Julia" on Kate Modern, Lucinda Rhodes Flaherty on imdb.com indicates she had the role of "Stacey" in "Clubbing To Death" (2008) currently in post production, and is also the lead actress in "Moll Flanders" (2009) still in production. There are also some Television roles on her resume, but it's not clear whether they are past or presently active.


  1. how will the world survive without that band haha

  2. Perhaps Lucinda has other acting jobs lined up as well as KM?

  3. youwish, don't worry, I hear the others are going on as normal LOL

    Aren't you glad the world is saved...

  4. When I was reading the post my first thought was "Why would anyone leave a successful band just to act for a few minutes a month on an online show?" Then I saw the music video. She made the right choice.

  5. I think her acting career will go further than that band.


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