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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Memo solution

It appears that Taylor has collaborated with a number of fans on the forums to find the clue hidden in the Verdus memo stolen by Daniel and Sarah and given to fans by Jonas at the Ghirardelli Square meeting. Taylor's last post on the discussion thread concludes:

I need to leave (homework, ugh) but I think we've pretty much got it. This seems like a self-reinforcing puzzle... whoever wrote this really wanted us to figure out that "Olivier Henry" of Bio-Therapy Report LLC is actually William Porter (or just... Porter?). Here's where we got this from:

1) name of war (or nom de guerre) means pseudonym
2) Olivier Henry (President of Bio-Therapy Report LLC) who the memo was addressed to... or O.Henry. O.Henry is a writer and his name was a pseudonym for William S. Porter.
3) We know that we need to "celebrate the date" and it was suggested that the solution to the "Impossible Puzzle"(4 and 13) might actually be a date... April 13, 1861 which was the date of the Battle of Fort Sumter
4) All of this fits with "confederates, Historic Fight, and first shot" reinforced the Battle of Fort Sumter from the Civil War and we figured out that the first shot fired was by Henry S. Farley... this also reinforces O. Henry

So, I think that the President of Verdus (or someone in his office) was trying to tell us that the head of Bio-Therapy Report LLC is... William Porter (or just Porter?).

I think that's it. If you guys can find anything else, let me know and I'll check later. You all rock! Thanks!
What do you think? Is this all there is to it? And who put this hidden information in the memo going to all Verdus employees?


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