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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

MessyNessy89 is LIVE in #HymnOfOne IRC chat.

MessyNessy89 is LIVE in #HymnOfOne IRC chat. Watch the videos: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=MessyNessy89

see the full chatlog


[17:28] greggers is Cassie sick?
[17:28] messynessy89 she's been healthy since we came to new york except a small cough but i figured it was just the winter season here

[17:31] modelmotion what sort of music to you like Nessy?
[17:31] messynessy89 all kinds..depending on my mood... mostly rock music
[17:31] messynessy89 our dad was into classic rock

[17:33] messynessy89 yes.... our parents were killed in a car crash just before we left
[17:33] messynessy89 i just don't want to lose my sister too :(

[17:36] virginian9000 Yeah, how is Cassie doing now, messy
[17:36] messynessy89 not much better.. she's still not talking much
[17:38] messynessy89 and she used to be very talkitive, but not since we came here

[17:41] messynessy89 cassie is 22 by the way :)

[17:41] virginian9000 "help me, I'm dying" could have been her in a strong moment, trying to get help
[17:42] messynessy89 maybe.. but she hasn't been mean or anything... just quiet

[17:48] modelmotion what is on her left arm
[17:49] messynessy89 the mask looks pretty hehe
[17:49] messynessy89 it looks like a bandage or something
[17:51] greggers a bandage? has she been taking shots or anything lately nessy?
[17:52] messynessy89 nope, no shots since we moved
[17:52] messynessy89 the community was amazing... peaceful and loving.. very warm and close-knit

[17:51] messynessy89 she used to perform dances a few times a year for our community
[17:51] messynessy89 some of what is in the videos looks like old dance routines, but she has them all confused and mixed up

[17:55] messynessy89 well the community was made up of members of my religion
[17:55] messynessy89 the same religion as bree's

[17:58] messynessy89 no i've never seen one. i know about the ceremonies, but they don't happen very often and only certain people can attend

[18:01] messynessy89 bree was not living in the community. the deacons were worried that her dad was influencing her badly. and when she was sent to public school.. everyone got really mad
[18:02] messynessy89 that was when they sent cassie to pretend to be in high school
[18:02] messynessy89 and befriend bree
[18:03] messynessy89 she was quite happy to go
[18:03] messynessy89 cassie was a rising member of the community
[18:03] messynessy89 they trusted her
[18:04] messynessy89 but everything was fine until one day when cassie went to bree's house
[18:04] messynessy89 she said she found something in her dad's office (she was always a bit of a snoop)
[18:07] messynessy89 she said she wanted to alert the deacons that there was a scam within the community
[18:07] messynessy89but i guess they didn't believe her

[18:19] greggallows do you know how the elders stay young Nessy?
[18:20] messynessy89 yes...they collect the purity of the ceremony girls

[18:22] messynessy89 those girls possess eternal life

[18:28] messynessy89 but the eternal song...eternal life and purity...is manifested in these girls. they don't get to grow old because they are eternally pure. the song is reborn through a chain of girls.
[18:28] messynessy89 we believe in reincarnation
[18:29] messynessy89 but only for those special girls

[18:57] messynessy89 right now i just want to see where she's going while i'm out
[18:57] messynessy89 i am thinking of pretending i have to go somewhere tomorrow and then following her


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