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Friday, January 11, 2008

Mission Initiated - MissionCassie

We are Mission Cassie.

We know the answers.


shleprock says:

Frankiswaking told us to log onto SL at 3 PM today, 1/11/08, for something big. Well, he's a man of his word.

Frank gave us the code 13 9 19 19 9 15 14, then 3 1 19 19 9 5. This corresponds to the letters of the alphabet: MISSION CASSIE.

Frank confirmed the code and told us that "YOUTUBE HOLDS THIS KEY."

Under his subscribers was the user MissionCassie.


HE'S BACK. Or, they. I'm not really sure what Mission Cassie is but I'm sure it's something cool.

Also, Frank told us that Cassieisback is INDEED FAKE, and Cassieiswatching is coming back to us.

For the end of the Mission Cassie video, it leads us to tinypic with this picture:

And that's all we have now.

Frank told us to SPREAD THE WORD of Mission Cassie!!! Spread it, yo!


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