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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

::::NEWSFLASH::::: The next RedEarth video will go live on Thursday 31st at 6pm PST.

Glenn announced that the next REDEARTH88 video will go live Thursday night at 6pm PST. The last four videos of this "episode" have had over 850,000 views on YouTube so far, and this next video will complete the "episode." It would be amazing if this video pushed the five-video "episode" to over 1,000,000 views. The Red Army can make that happen!

The reason for announcing the launch of this video? On last week's radio show, Glenn mentioned that there will be a special "thank you" for members of the Red Army who have contributed to the promotion of the videos in this episode:

Every member of the Red Army who has contributed a significant number of comments to the YouTube discussion of any RE88 video ("significant" meaning in the 50 to 100 comment range), will receive their own customized "Red Army" video end tag. This end tag will feature the voice of OpAphid saying their YouTube username, and also a custom phrase of their choosing.

Because of this, many people who have not been able to participate so far have been asking when the next video was going up, because they want to make sure they can contribute to promoting the last video in this "episode" and earn an end tag.

The comment community has come alive over the course of these last four videos, and newcomers are always welcome! Contribute to the discussion, share your theories (and YouTube spam codes), and see if you can achieve "wall!"

If you have any questions, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] – or just join in on the comments tomorrow when the video goes live!


  1. I'm sure the chance of getting that will make alot more people contribute, i only wish i had time to do it, I WANT A OPAPHID TAG =(

  2. This is awesome!! Can't wait!

    Youwish, I assume it does not have to be tonight if had more time tomorrow, or Saturday. :)

  3. Well i hope to be in the comments fridat night or saturday night =D

    so see you all there

  4. The thing thats always been great about "comments" is that it creates a fairly easy to read log of what was talked about. On LG15 we used to call it "slow motion chat" and the log is great for creating access to a global conversation that avoids those nasty time zones.

    The YouTube interface has its problems but its nice to see a bit of the original "comments" philosophy work its way over there.

  5. Could someone please explain this red army thing?
    Do you guys just comment for the sake of commenting over and over again to get as many comments as possible?
    Doesn't really seem ethical to me.
    Shouldn't the videos popularity be based on it's own merit rather than
    multiple comments designed to push the videos numbers?

  6. The idea is to build a community discussion around the video similar to the comments discussion on the main LG15.com web site.

    However, first you need a critical mass of people to make it fun.

  7. Since when is a video's popularity based upon merit?

    For your consideration: Girl Tied Up.

    ^ The single most popular LonelyGirl15 video EVER with over 3 million views!

    According to LonelyGirl15 it was commenting that helped it become so popular.

    Surely, you jest! But that would be a more desirable lack of ethics for the world to believe was in play, rather than the video's BDSM title, complete with the image of a struggling teenage girl for the video thumbnail.

  8. Anon, what does Girl Tied Up have to do with this post? We all know why Girl Tied Up received a lot of views but this post is about RedEarth and not Lonelygirl15.

  9. I think he/she was using the LG video as an example to the question posted by the other Anonymous, about how a video doesn't need to be good to receive comments.
    Glenn's videos are good, but there are a lot better who get a lot less for their efforts.
    Maybe I'm being 'old fashioned' or traditional but I think if a video is going to get so many hits it should deserve them.

    And speaking honestly, compared to Glenn's earlier Tachyon and OpAphid videos, RedEarth88 bores the hell out of me.
    How many pretty faces talking to a camera can YouTube hold?


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