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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oneness - a114One (The Flock?)

Once again I share my artwork and thoughts.


  1. Interesting art work........hummmmmmmmmmm

  2. naw, the artwork is annoying.. and just looks like crap to me.. and maybe it's cause I'm extremely critical of art...

    Part of that is probably my art education...

    ugh. I'm sorry if this offends anyone.. I just hate the work- and i think it's just added that there is some hymn of one shit going on too..

  3. I wonder if the sn a114One means anything.....it is kinda weird.

  4. Her name is Ananda.

    Ananda = An and a.

    a114One = a 1 14 One
    = a (1st letter of alphabet) (14th letter of alphabet) (1st letter of alphabet)
    = a ana

    I dunno, seems like there might be some relation between "Ananda" and "a114One."

  5. a114one = All for one

    This is part of the The Flock http://lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewforum.php?f=118

    I'll add it to the title to make it clear. Sorry, I thought everyone knew .

    But, hey, speculation helps the video, lol.

  6. Well, I think its part of the The Flock anyway. Not confirmed, but sinc e it is being placed in that forum section, I'm going with it.

  7. I like the question mark. Clever:)

  8. Noelle, give her a break. It's not like she's a professional artist, nor is she supposed to be. Just some kid "sharing her thoughts and art."

    As for her, name, that a ana is pretty interesting, but I don't think a normal girl would have thought of that. I'm going with Virginian on the all for one. Except I noticed that the O in one is capitalized. So maybe it's supposed to be "all for One?" Maybe signifying that she's, like, "all for" the One?

    I'm probably looking too much into one capital letter, but it is interesting.


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