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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

When Bears Debate!

Recently, WhippedCreamShampoo posted a video claiming that Lonelygirl15 and Redearth88 create scripted videos pretending to be real vlogs, and that the commentors on these videos help to support this illusion. As a fan of both series, I have decided to throw in my two cents on the matter - Dr Bethany Ella Fitzgerald III, PhD

Below is the original video that this is a response to:


  1. I don't think that is a real panda.

    Its a fake!

    Or is it a Jumper like the one in LonelyJew15........Bethany.

  2. On a serious note. How great would it be if YouTube actually did create a fiction area? Bring it Mr. Tube.

  3. I don't know if Bethany and that panda would get along.

  4. That's 4 minutes I'll never get back.

    Damn fuzzy thing.


  5. So...the creator of this video paid a little visit to my personal YouTube account and posted this on the original LonelyJew15 video: "This shit is so not funny. As much as I complained about the lonelygirl syndicate, this is much sicker. Although the fact that it is somehow loosely (or not) identified with lonelygirl does not much surprise me."

    Yup, this Panda would definitely NOT get along with Bethany. I see her glowing in fury at this very moment. Watch your back Panda.

  6. What sucks is that I left a very detailed and mature comment on his video about the validity of some of his points and cleared up some of his inaccuricies and not only did he retaliate with that negative comment, he privated the original video so there is no record of my thoughts.

    Ah well.

  7. The original video is now public again but comments have been disabled.

    I guess that some people feel that they can fight the truth with censorship.

  8. Not only are comments disabled but he seems to have removed any comments he felt were not proving his point. For instance, my original comment in which I stated that we do not try to convince people that Rachel is real and the fact that we are not monetarilly rewarded for our efforts but doing it out of a love for the series has been removed.

    If there something I hate worse then an angry panda, it's a manipulative panda.

  9. That bethany sure has a sexy voice ;)

  10. Well, the Panda vlogger is just one person, but I think the thing to recognize is that the 'mass commenting' (or whatever you want to call it) to promote some videos is going to rub some people the wrong way.

    I would just encourage those who are involved in it to keep the comments about the video, or banter back and forth. Just don't jump on new people when they post a comment and seem a bit confused about what is happening.

    It does come across as fake and somewhat abnoxious when the mass commenting gets carried away with saying how great redearth is repeatedly, rarely if ever pointing out any of it's deficiencies or having anything substantive to say about it.

    By all means, enjoy the videos, but no need to get overzealous about promotional statements. The number of comments alone does most of the work.

  11. I can't see the videos on school computers, but from what I can tell, this guy is adding to a genre that was supposed to have died out in 2006. OMG IT'S A FAKE! Jeez, we know. I can't wait to see Bethany's rebuttal!

    But hey, we all knew LG15 hit it big when people started complaining about it. Maybe this is just a crossroads for all popular webseries.

    >I think the thing to recognize is that the 'mass commenting' (or whatever you want to call it) to promote some videos is going to rub some people the wrong way.

    That's a point I made in the 70-something commented blog, that some people will feel there's a lack of dignity in the videos, especially since it's normally a select identifiable number of people commenting, and comments without a lot of substance besides "you should watch the rest of the channel!" It's a turn off to newcomers, if anything.

  12. Bethany makes an appearance, haha.

    QtheC, I think the commenters that comment on the video are commenting just fine. I don't think anyone is "jumped on" who seems a bit confused about what's going on. In fact, this community tries to help those who want to know more.

    I don't think its overzealous at all, or that it gets carried away. Its more us having fun than anything else. The saying how great redearth is replies to comments are the commenters who come in saying cuss words and crap about the Sara or something like that. Instead of responding with meanness, most respond with kindness and simply say "No, redearth is great. She's awesome" and leave it at that. We actually do a great job at being nice, even to those commenters.

    I appreciate the encouragement, but i have not seen anything you described as the norm. If anything, those in the Red Army actually stay very nice when faced with comments laced in profanity and other stuff. And, I do agree that the comments do the work.

  13. This person is an idiot or has mental problems. Whoever thinks that any of the LJ15, or even some of the RE88 videos (Inside The Clinic) pretend to be real needs to go see a psychiatrist. Half the things they say in that weird rant are false, and the other half don't make any sense: why do these nut jobs think they can dictate what goes on youtube? why can't small production companies (or even big ones) use youtube? where does it say everything on youtube has to be crappy and stupid and unprofessional? Someone should ask these questions in a vlog.

  14. i don't know what comments were delted, but the ggallows mm back and forth on the remaining comments is hilarious!

    If you look carefully the Panda has a lazy eye.


  15. proof that this freak has some kind of psychological problem:


    watch it till the end... scary!

  16. The tactics being used are essentially the same as those used on LG15.com. You greet new people with a friendly smile and explain any questions they have about the show. If they want more information you show them where to find it. If things are quiet you talk to your friends and develop the "red culture" (apple sauce seems to be the orange slurpee and Zoey(character) seems to be the "cassie" in the "Red" world). If someone posts a valid criticism you discuss it intellectually. If someone raises a valid point you research it. And if someone trolls or spams you flush it off the page as fast as possible. If you have any doubt that this is what takes place then just participate in the fun and find out for yourself.

    There are those who thought we were all nuts on LG15.com comments but when you heard Miles "meep" repeatedly on the Mixed Media radio show you knew just how powerful this type of "show culture" can be. Just look how many words in the Breeniverse originate from comments!

  17. too bad this dude took down the vid. i always forget to save these vids, cause you know they aint gonna last.


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