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Friday, January 4, 2008

Party Crashers - Daniel (LG15)

Jonas, Emma, and I headed south yesterday to meet up with Jennie. She led us to... - Daniel

Party Crashers - Daniel (LG15) on LGPedia.

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  1. Exactly my thoughts Modelmotion.
    Grape flavor, me thinks.

  2. Just in the spirit of a helpful idea:

    If you want your video to appear as if it was shot sometime today, don't use a shot of the moon from almost three weeks ago. Use a piece of stock footage that matches today's moon, or something.

    I really enjoyed the video! I don't want anyone to thing this is anything but constructive criticism.

  3. Did Emma bitch slap Sarah?

  4. So next we'll see Sarah go through detox from the peyote just like Bree did. And now Jonas has his new love interest.

  5. I don't think the American edition of the Hymn of One Handy Travel Guide is as thick as the English edition.

  6. Someone finally slapped Sarah.
    That has been a long time in the coming.

  7. lol, i actuall liked this video, although it was meant to be serious it made me laugh...i think jonas is about due time to shoot someone...

  8. LOVED IT!!!!

    Sarah's blank stare just screams brainwashed.

    *tips his hat to teh C's*

  9. Yeah, the UK version of that book was thicker then this one. Note to the c's: next time, make sure both books have the same thickness. Because we see everything here! Mwahaha ;)

  10. Well who knows. The Harry Potter book are different in England and America...as are other books. Maybe the Hymn of One is just following the trent.

  11. Nice touch with the book "Finding The One" double meaning. Kind of like "To Serve Man". It's a cookbook! It's a cookbook! Good video, after a long dry spell.


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