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Thursday, January 24, 2008

(HA) Pick Up and Delivery

Mr. Noir meets with Agent Maria.

A Detailed Description of the Series and Cast, Coming Soon.
For more info visit: http://hiramabiff.net
and http://hiramabiff.tv


  1. I would jump into the character stuff right away. You almost lost me with the intro but once it got going it was good.

    Remember that in a youtube video every second counts.....and I mean that literally.

    I also feel like i don't know the characters.....so its a bit like wtf are they talking about.

    But, yea, I enjoyed it.

  2. Oh, and remember to add (HA) to your title....or any variant you want of that.

  3. Hi MM,

    Thanks for the input, as ALways,
    Greatly Appreciated.

    As to the characters, thats why I added the sites, so as to introduce the characters and their roles.

    Slowly working on all the odds and ends and Learning from my mistakes.

    Feedback is helping alot.

    I think it will get better as we move along, and more detailed and comprehensible.

    The actors will be helping me out in the areas that are lacking at the moment. Including all the things that have been pointed out thus far, by everyone.

    Working on things to make the necessary improvements.

    Its a Process of trial and error.
    Fortunately, I have the actors/actresses past experience, feedback, and help, to improve upon the elements that are missing.
    Will be working at fixing all the things that have been pointed out by everyone.

    Again, thanks.

    Kind Regards,


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