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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Re: Can't Sleep... with Me/ My first vlog/confession (acciomaria)

I´ve been looking at lonleygirl15s videos, although I´ve heard that they´re fake and all, but I like watching them anyways.
So I decided to start vloging myself. Sorry if the english is bad.. I´m from Sweden..
Plz comment!

This was posted as a response video to Sarah's video on YouTube - interesting that it was accepted right away. I tested it, and it appears that Sarah's video is accepting video responses without requiring approval, but is not accepting text comments. Intentional change by the creators, or did they check the wrong box by mistake? What do you think?


  1. I just added one of mine to test. The vid responses are automatic, but the comments are pending approval. That's backwards. Maybe somebody made a mistake when uploading the video?

    Currently, there are no comments. I wonder how many people are going "First!"

  2. I love this video and I just fell in love with this girl whoever she is.

  3. WEll, while videos are approved automatically, I encourage everyone to respond with one of yours. It will move mine off, but that's ok, because i am moving mine back as a response to a redearth88 video when I get home tonight. This is a chance to expose your video to a bigger audience. I think they just switched it up by accident, so take advantage.

  4. "I wonder how many people are going "First!""



    PS- This video is HARDCORE...

    "I'm not a cutter... Instead I let my friends down, fuck the wrong person, that or want to fuck them... and I confess my love to people when I'm drunk, although I don't love, but it feels like I do in the moment..."

    "... I feel emotionally raped..."

    She's so honest... and it's... AMAZING! I give that video 5 stars.

  5. This is really an amazing video! I love the way she talks. I love people who are open like this, who talk about their fears, their mistakes, their doubts. I've subscribed!


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