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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Re: How Could THIS Happen? - uniqueblaze

Video Cam Direct Upload


  1. Oh noes... who's going to break the news to the poor guy that this is "like lonelygirl"... =(

  2. Maybe uniqueblaze is going to turn out to be the Jonas of RE88?

  3. Further evidence supporting this idea:

    Uniqueblaze's account was created 2 days ago.

    He has 4 videos, all shot the same day; 3 are random, 1 is a response to How Could THIS Happen?

  4. With the accent me thinks he's more like Gemma >.>

  5. Maybe he's Jonas and Gemma's love child. They used Bree's trait positive blood to accelerate his growth.

  6. It's interesting to see people coming in and believing it's real... Sorta like LG15. Watching the old LG15 videos, it's hard to believe (with the storyline going on, broadcasting fights between Bree & Dan, etc.) that people thought that it was real.

    I always thought that people thought LG15 was real because there was really no precedent for such a thing on a big scale in YouTube-world. However, it seems that people just intrinsically believe that what they see is real, and only later begin to question it. Intriguing.

  7. It seems like Rachel has a bit of a crush from across the pond. The dude is pretty good. He comes across as quite charming and has a professional touch to his vlog. So, yea i can see where you are going with that Jonas comparison.

  8. i support jennipowell...
    maybe uniqueblaze will be the reason i'll start following Redearth88

    just maybe

  9. I wonder if he understand the danger Rachel is in.

  10. Ummm...guys

    What if he is Brother?

    think about it....

  11. "Ummm...guys

    What if he is Brother?

    think about it...."

    uhhh.. how many voicemails of brother's voice have we heard before? he's clearly not british. i mean, come on..

  12. If you start that kind of speculation now your screwed. Anything is possible!

    MANY people can adopt accents or drop their own accents in turn for another if they need to. Which would be a GREAT idea if he was brother.

    Its just a theory and it is totally valid. Instead of putting mine down, how about one of your own...


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