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Friday, January 4, 2008


For the first time in history RedEarth88 has recently blasted through 200,000 views with the Rachel video "2 Girls 1 Dwelling".


  1. An achievement like 200K views is certainly worthy of congratulations. It's a very good series and I hope for continued success.


    Barely 2000 subscribers? I think that needs to be worked on more than reaching view goals. Obviously getting a lot of views increases the chance of being feautured by YouTube and getting more people to see. Yet it's subscribers that will be a true show of success in my opinion. I mean I make stupid videos in my living room and I have 950 subscribers. RedEarth88 should have 10 times as many people than what they have.

  2. Subs are certainly important but you cannot always tell how many dead accounts are in subs. For example how many LG15 subs are still active viewers? I will bet you that 30-50 percent of the accounts are not active viewers.

    In the end its consistent viewership that counts. What we have learned is that we need to keep our eye on more than one "honor". Comments matter, response videos matter, subs matter......they are all part of making and sustaining a hit show.

  3. modelmotion has a good point. subscribers don't mean anything if they haven't even logged in recently!

  4. However, most YouTubers would consider subscribers to be the base judge of popularity.

    As a partner, though, view counts are VERY important. The more views the videos get, the more money the video creators get.

  5. I used to consider LG15 subscriber base as the main reason for their view count. Looking more carefully at YouTube user's behavior clearly shows that it is only part of the contribution. For example at the moment RedEarth is geting around 16,000 views/today that cannot be attributed to subscribers. That is pretty impressive by any standard.

  6. I should add that the 16,000/day was almost a week after the release of the original video.


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