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Friday, January 11, 2008

Scared. - MessyNessy89

The "Hymn of One" left a comment on Dr. Windham's blog that said:

"Hymn said... Dear Cassie: 82jp3kp Good luck. - The Hymn"

Thanks to deagol, MicFranXon, and maddemp for figuring out that it was a tinypic url.


Here's the video. What do you think??

EDIT: Deagol solved the anagramed words at the end of the vid:

first code says this (just one word i dunno):
Once there was a girl who sacrificed the tnofyorpup for eternal life.
But she is no soul to admire; She's not brave - she's just a liar.
Built up secrets leave her crying. While she weeps she's quickly dying.
She can't forget the tears she's shed, for a doctor so dear, who now is dead.
As fast as she ran and as far as she wandered, she's haunted by a girl she murdered.


  1. Very interesting. I like all the subtle elements in it.

  2. I think that word must be opportunity and they made a typo.

  3. Either that or "front o' puppy"

    But who would be evil enought to sacrifice the front of a puppy for eternal life???


  4. I think this confirms that Dr. Windham is indeed dead. Poor Cassie.

  5. Do you think the "apparent" coming back of frankiswatching etc. is realted someway to MessyNessy ?

  6. I think the word is Option, and the comment deagol posted (who is the king of anagrams, btw) just made a typo, because I think it says in the video "tnoiyorpup", not "tnofyorpup". Just my thoughts, tho...

  7. "Do you think the "apparent" coming back of frankiswatching etc. is realted someway to MessyNessy ?"

    I've been saying this for a lllooooooonggg time... Something happened... somewhere in the Breeniverse... that made this resurgence of Cassie fan fic happen. I'm not complaining, but something triggered in alot of people's creative and brilliant brains to start doing Cassie fan fics again.
    I'm thinking that alot of people associated Gina from lg15 with Cassie because the Cassie fan fic started coming back (in a major way) around then... I dunno.

  8. anyone else notice the girl on the moon?

    moonchild maybe? ;)

  9. What? Deagol solved an anagram? I don't believe it! Something's wrong with this story!

  10. sooo

    I went ahead and downloaded the video and tried to write descriptions of whatI saw (theres too much going on to screencap) Nessie came into chat tonight and mentioned that the picture of crowley was one thather parents had in their home (see link here : http://user.cyberlink.ch/~koenig/2006/ac/ac.jpg

    little girl looking out of a window, HoO symbol, cassie staring into camera and baring teeth, church steeple, Crowley doing a crucifiction pose with crown of thorns ,two girls on a hill, painting of two girls (one pushing the other into a room), cassie reaching her hand and pulling something off camera, cassie walking out through the fence gate, woman with pink hair, two girls at a piano, footage of the swimming hole and bree (bree dancing?), picture of little girls dancing, picture of a graveyard, cassie on the couch rocking back and forth, picture of crowley from brees bedroom, woman with long hair, crowley spreading out arms, cassie on couch, crowley holding out his finger, painting of mannequins with no eyes, painting of a gateway/arch, leafless tree (willow?), painting of woman with sword, cassie with mask from sister = psycho, picture of woman with long bangs, little girl with a stone in her hand, litle girl with blonde hair, woman with blonde hair, woman with hands on head, little girl sitting on the edge of a lake, outside of a church (abbey?), footage of swimming hole and bree, picture of temple, picture of abbey and ships, video of cassie on porch, little girl close up then fades out with moon appearing beneath her, picture of girl holding a gun and anagrammed text.

  11. i hate anagrams (unless they're less than 8 characters). these were easy because each word was a separate anagram, and once plugged into the anagram engine it usually gave just one possibility. if there were multiple options it was easy to see which one was correct from the context.

    i agree with anon #1 and believe the unsolved word must be 'opportunity', changing that f for an i (my mistake) and adding a missing t (their mistake). opportunity fits the context best.

  12. I got a chance to chat with Nessy a little tonight and she said some things that might be important I thought I would highlight.

    Nessy: "that video didn't feel like the hymn of one...it was ominous"

    I asked if Cassie was a ceremony girl.
    Nessy: "no, cassie wasn't a ceremony girl, she was an important member and she's already 22, ceremony girls don't reach that age"
    I think asked if she knew what kind of responsiblities Cassie had in the HoO.
    Nessy: "she was a rising member...so she wasn't anything yet but everyone knew she would be a high rank someday"
    Me: "so cassie knows more about the inner workings of hymm of one than you"
    Nessy: "yes i think so"


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