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Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Stalker is Right Outside!- Jack (watchyourjack)

Someone's outside watching my house. I don't know what to do.



Jack is a YouTube user who created his account on November 10, and posted his first video (Me...Jack) on November 19, 2007. He appears to be a typical teen male, with his first subscription listed as Daxflame. He also has a silly channel description on youtube of "PAAAANCAAAAAKESSS!", which refers to an obscure comedy video on youtube (where he made the same comment).

Puberty, bullies, and... teleportation???
Jack's troubles began when his brother was arrested and kicked out of the school they both attend. Jack is prompted by his mother to see the school therapist, who in turn provides him medication to deal with his "depression." Jack then attracted the attention of a bully, who realized Jack's brother is no longer there to protect him. As Jack is being beat up, he blacks out and winds up in his bedroom with no knowledge of anything in between. Jack attributes this to a belief that he may have teleported. He quickly dismisses the idea. For a second time, Jack is assaulted by the bully and his friends. He explains that he closed his eyes and was suddenly back in his room, in I Need Help. He then decides to experiment with "teleportation exercises" found on the website, whatweird.com. Jack has since shown control over his newfound abilities and gets a "rush" sensation whenever he uses them.

Canon Speculation
Jack is currently suspected to have been introduced as an official character on Lonelygirl15 in November 2007. While his first videos make no reference to Lonelygirl15, his videos were accepted as responses to lonelygirl15 videos on YouTube, and he soon happened upon the Whatweird.com website and mentioned it in a vlog, which in turn acknowledged his "shout out"


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WatchYourJack was on the Whatweird discussion board earlier:

Post subject: Re: Introductions
Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 11:44 pm
Um hey everyone. It's me Jack. I decided tonight might be a good time for me to come on and meet you guys. I can't hang out here long because I kinda feel like I should keep an eye out the window. This is going to sound crazy but there is someone outside my house right now. Somebody's watching ...

NOTE: Yet again Jack was accepted by Lonelygirl15 on YouTube as a response video.. So, what is YOUR theory. Is Jack a new character, a spin off show, a side show, a "promo" for "whatweird.com"...........or something completely different. Let us know your thoughts in a comment below.


  1. I think that Mesh fell through a hole in the space time continuum cause by the proximity of the 436. This in turn has distorted Jacks reality and he now thinks he has teleportation skills after watching too many episodes of LG15.

  2. xD Well if you pay attention to whatweird.com, you'll see that there's been a huge plot developing that involves all sorts of things, one of which is Jack.

  3. Wild guess prediction: Sarah, Carl, and Jack are all siblings.

    Well, probably not, but Sarah and Carl might be.

    I think Jack is an introduction character to relate to a younger demographic, and there will be a trait positive girl connected to him somehow, maybe a friend, but probably a sibling yet to be introduced.

    Possibly, Jack's mental problems (if that is what is going on) stem from some lullabyish prenatal care given to his mother.

  4. Maybe Jack teleports by going into 436 then coming out of another end. He has the ability to go in and out of 436 at will. This power was thought to only be a myth, but perhaps it could be real after all. Maybe Jacks purpose in life is to find Mesh.

  5. So, you think all the stuff on the whatweird site is related to something else? Something bigger? Any idea what?

  6. Makes perfect sense to me Joe. Thanks!

  7. Well Whatweird is all about paranormal stuff, things that have been majorly turned down by LG15 fans, and its plot seems independant of anything Order-ish. Lots of stuff has already happened -- I think it's more-or-less unrelated, but endorsed by the creators.

    & I only just remembered what 436 is xD

  8. well isnt that one writer into ARGs? Jan libby? i think this is her's. there doesn't seem to be much of a real connection with lg15 right now.

  9. Honestly, I really hope Jack and whatweird are related to LG15. Otherwise, I'll feel really bad about all of the LG15 totally usurping that girl's website!

  10. Thanks to Evergreen, we discovered what the ARG is for. It's a viral marketing campaign/promotional ARG for the movie Jumper, based on a novel by Steve Gould, coming out Febuary 14, starring Hayden Christensen and Samuel JAckson. The recent discoveries about Paladins and Jack's stalker made the connection painfully clear. The trailer can be found here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0489099/trailers-screenplay-E36729-314

    I can only assume that the film was sponsoring LG15, and that LG!% was chosen to endorse it because watchyourjack and LG15 of of a kind, and LG15/KM is popular.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. seems reasonable looking at the trailer its very similar and has Jamie Bell in it who made an apperance in KM.

    But i dunno....mabye its just a coincidence ?

  13. I officially don't know what's going on anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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