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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Trouble on Brick Lane - Julia (KM)

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Julia said...

I started a new job yesterday at JustIncredible.TV. I was having a really good day till I saw what had happened right behind the office.

Hey guys!! I'm Julia. I just got a job working as a runner at a new internet TV company called 'JustIncredible.TV'. I'm so excited - I'd love to be a presenter one day!!

I've got some friends who've been using Bebo and posting videos for ages but I've only just joined and I'm still finding my way around. Be gentle with me! It'd be great to make some new friends and talk about life, love and whatever!! LOL!

Maroon 5, Stereophonics, Amy Winehouse, Dreem Teem and any old school garage

I like autobiographies and reading books about musicians and people who have really made a difference

I love water sports and watching football! Love Chelsea and John Terry - mmm!

Anything with Brad Pitt and Vin Diesel. LOL! Nah I really like girly films like Dirty Dancing, Grease, Bridget Jones' Diary, Enchanted, Erin Brockovich, Legally Blonde...you get the idea!

Fave Actors
Denzel Washington, Dustin Hoffman, Helen Hunt and Helena Bonham Carter

I Also Love...
Junk food, and I'm a sucker for a glass of vino!! LOL!
Julia on Bebo.
Lucinda Rhodes on Bebo.
For more information on KateModern visit our KateModern portal page.

Julia is a desk clerk at the Orange Retail Shop that Gavin and Tariq go to in order to buy a Wifi Transmitter to replace the one Gavin broke. She is very confused as to why Tariq has a video camera, and finds it very bizarre.

Soon, she and Tariq go on several dates, and the relationship becomes fairly serious. Tariq raves about Julia being "different" and "relaxed", which he finds refreshing after his last girlfriend's drama.

Julia was very understanding about Tariq's conflicting feelings towards Kate. She is there for him after he, once again, puts himself on the line for Kate's sake, only to find that she didn't want his help in the first place. Julia has since left Tariq.

She recently got a job at JustIncredible.TV .

Julia on LGPedia.

Lucinda Rhodes Flaherty on LGPedia.

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  1. I am loving this.

    And the list narrows further. The next video might be Kate, or another girl on the list that it could be.

  2. Nice dramatic buildup. Who was it? Whodunit?

  3. I don't know who Amy Moore is but she's nothing to do with KateModern. I think she's just stealing Julia's pictures!

  4. Thanks Jonathan. I have been trying to research that because it did not match up with LGPedia.

  5. Damn, I love KM!! What a good suspense build up this is. I so want to know who was stabbed!

  6. KM > LG15! Seriously, I had my doubts about KM but it's kicking butt so far!! I think the creators want us to think it's Kate but it's going to be the news reporter or someone... Patricia? Was that her name? Or someone like Michelle? Who knows!? This is so suspenseful!

  7. We know Charlie was mourning whoever was stabbed. It might turn out to be Kate, but the twist will be that she is not really dead from the stabbing, but the Order put that story out to cover her abduction.

    There does appear to be a shape in dark red on the wall that might be a heart - similar to Kate's page on Bebo.

    We need to see that missing video tape.

  8. That is one hell of an ugly website. :x

  9. There's a timer at the bottom of justincredible.tv that agrees with the poster (41 days until launch) seen in the background on the video.

    If I counted right, that means the launch is Monday, Feb 25.

    The question is, is this just product placement, or is this an in-game website that will live within the KM story?

  10. I think Q might be right that the web site is related to the show itself and not a product placement.

    Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
    Whois Server: whois.tucows.com
    Referral URL: http://domainhelp.opensrs.net
    Name Server: NS.123-REG.CO.UK
    Name Server: NS2.123-REG.CO.UK
    Updated Date: 03-jan-2008
    Creation Date: 03-jan-2008
    Expiration Date: 03-jan-2009

    Could it be that web site is going to show live feeds captured by the new webcam software.


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