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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Watch Me Balance - Taylor (LG15)

I'm trying to get a hold of my life, but there are always so many distractions. - Taylor

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  1. W..........

    PS- Jack's MySpace revealed that he lied about living in Chicago, and only did it because he's not so happy in... get this... L.A.
    Potential crossover much???

  2. Barista...possibly working at starbucks, then. I'm guessing some more product placement. :-/ But we should keep that in mind-Barista here and then the Starbucks picture with Tmac.

  3. Well I guess they're not going with my idea.

  4. So glad to see Taylor back! But that coffee sign looked like a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to me, not a Starbucks.

  5. Yeah anon, I think you are right. Totally missed the sign. Ah, well. Just a promo for Jack then. Really a useless vid in my opinion. :-/

  6. Yea that wasn't a Starbuck's logo, it looked pretty generic to me, but that is the mind set all the pp's have put us into, looking for pp's instead of clues.

  7. It's hard to find real clues when everything is an advertisement.

  8. If I have to watch ANOTHER video series to understand LG15 references, I'm... well... I'm not going to.
    I'll make up a storyline in my head instead.
    It may even have less plot holes.

    However... Mmm, chai tea latte...

  9. I assume this means Taylor does not read LG15 Today:(

  10. Other than Jack's videos being accepted as response videos on YouTube, is this the first official 'canon' reference to Jack by the LG15 series?

  11. As for coffee references, there was a mention of Carl serving cereal and coffee to Sarah at the camp shortly before she heard her eternal song, and later Carl brought coffee to Jonas and Jennie along with the note from Dr. Hart.

    Maybe Taylor's new position is going to lead to some coffee-related subplot ... smuggling or drugging or something like that.

  12. First official VIDEO reference.

    Danielbeast posted a TEXT shoutout in a YouTube bulletin to check Jack out.

    That was the first official character shoutout.

    Refer to the LGPedia... man, whoever runs the Jack & Whatweird pages on the Pedia does alot of great work... *cough cough*


  13. Yes u do hopeful;)

    and HoO Coffee......be AFRAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i hope to god this is not a crossover attempt or sub plot where taylor and jack go teleporting about......its like superpower days coming back =/

  15. I think Taylor and Jack are going to teleport into the 436 to rescue Mesh!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I'm wondering if Mesh is doing the writing for this, thus the continued silence about where he is. If not this then perhaps he is working on one of the other shows they have hinted at coming. If Mesh is gone completely Greg and Miles would just be making it worse for when then would have to come forth with the informaton.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. The men in white coats are never nice.

  19. Taylor is so annoying, just stay away please. Teleport with Jack to a place far away.


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