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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


GF wrote a great summary of the KateModern finale and asked you what you thought. He is what you had to say....

pj said...
It was satisfying, and no one I liked died so


youwish said...
yeah i liked it too, mabye a bit too vague in what exactly they planned to do, but good none the less

stellacat said...
I think the KM crew is doing a very good job with everything. A good season was finished off by a great season finale-some closure, but also a cliffhanger, to keep us all going. :-) A perfect formula, I say.

qthec said...
Why am I expecting Lee to be doing an intership as the night watchman at the local jail?

joe said...
Why do they always leave the most important things unresolved? What happened to all the gnomes? Not all of them were destroyed, some made it, where are they, are they ok, will we see them again? I want some bloody answers.

anonymous said...
The Gnomes are working for The Order now. They're being bred to work as tiny spies.

qthec said...
Clore's next artwork: "Death of the Gnomes"

Now that season one of KM is behind us and the "Gnomes of London" are hard at work planning season 2, we want to know what you thought of the show as a whole. What worked, what didn't? Which characters did you like, which, well.......not so much? What relationships worked? What would you like to see more of ....less of? What actors did you think did a great job? What did you think of Bebo as a platform for interactivity or just the level of interactivity as a whole? Were there plot-hold or was the plot cohesive....? What would you like to see happening in 2008? Did you like how the series was shot? How did KM compare to Lonelygirl15 as an online experience?

So, take your best shot or just leave a shout out in a comment below.

NOTE: For a great fan review read this!


  1. http://hopefulsemblance.blogspot.com/2008/01/cheers-to-katemodern-crew.html

  2. I am partial to LG15 because its "home" to me. However, KM has been just as much fun in a "Grown up LG15"
    sort of way. I love it! I love it! I love it!!!!!!!!!

  3. The chemistry between Gavin and Charlie is really enjoyable to watch.

    The show could use a better "hub" for fan interactivity on Bebo but the platform has a lot of fun features.

    I would like to see more of London and the UK in general. I love the way the show dabbles in the culture but there is a lot more to explore that would be of interest to the international audience.

    Keep up the good work and keep experimenting with the genre.

  4. I agree with MM! More of the UK in KM please! Shropshire is a lovely place to visit *cough HINT cough* (we even have a visitors farm called Hoo Farm I'm not saying the Order have a side line in sheep or anything but..)

    Seriously though I really enjoy the show and hope for more drama in 08!


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