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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What Does Patricia Know? - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

I can’t believe Patricia was with Kate that night. It makes me wonder exactly what her role in all this has really been.

What Does Patricia Know? - Charlie (KM) on LGPedia.


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  1. I'm totally screencapping Steve looking at his crotch. :P

  2. i'm interested if anyone is really watching this series. judging by comments, the bebo numbers are minisucle.

    as are the lg15.com numbers.

    who is paying for this?

    i mean, i don't mind the series, but...

  3. I think enough people are watching. bebo renewed it thru December of this year right? And they have lots of sponsors. I think the production values are very high and that the show itself is just so much better than LG15. The characters, storylines, vids, etc are just all so much better.

  4. Was the crotch shot really necessary? I do wonder.

  5. Hey, at least the crotch shot isn't the thumbnail... *cough* I'm just sayin'.

  6. I find bebo to be a clunky, overly busy site. I always watch the KM videos right here! I think that if there were view counts here than the counts for every single video would be much much higher.


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