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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


KateModern: 33 DAYS TILL LAUNCH!!
Justin: "We are all looking at the world through the lens of find, play, and share. Each one of you is source code. Each one of you is-is-i-i-is the conduit. We are all cooling towers through which our energy will surge and become JustIncredible.TV. All right? We're not just TV on demand; we are demand on TV! Capisce? On the twenty-fourth of February, 2008, we will lay down our marker on the intercasting landscape."

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From Wikipedia:
"Intercast was a short-lived technology developed in 1996 by Intel for broadcasting information such as web pages and computer software, along with a single television channel. It required a compatible TV tuner card installed in a personal computer and a decoding program called Intel Intercast Viewer. The data for Intercast was embedded in the Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI) of the video stream carrying the Intercast-enabled program.
With Intercast, a computer user could watch the TV broadcast in one window of the Intercast Viewer, while being able to view HTML web pages in another window. Users were also able to download software transmitted via Intercast as well. Most often the web pages received were relevant to the television program being broadcast, such as extra information relating to a television program, or extra news headlines and weather forecasts during a newscast. Intercast can be seen as a more modern version of teletext."
So the question is: just what is justincredible.TV up to? If you think you know leave a comment below and let us know.


  1. I think justincredible.tv is going to show videos of fans hunting down characters jumping randomly out of the 436 all over the World.

  2. Could this be involved?


    We power mobile social networking.
    Millions of personal social networks are organized into web-based communities that have tremendous potential to revolutionize mobile communication. We enable wireless network operators to provision any social networking or community service quickly and easily through our award-winning carrier-grade social networking platform, ANTHEM™.

    Every second of every day, someone uses the ANTHEM™ platform to interact with any of dozens of social networking providers. Below is a delayed map of partial real-time stats in the U.S. alone.

  3. From the team meeting yesterday, it sounds like they're trying to be the new YouTube.

  4. is the title a little play on justin.tv?

  5. I say JustIncredible will have the ability to send out and receive images at the same time. So, when
    you are watching them, they are watching you as you watch them. And soon you will be watching them watching you. The loop continues. There is a whole lotta watching going on... ;)


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