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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article is being written live during the show and as such it may contain significant factual errors. Hopefully these will be corrected over time.

NOTE: This was a very long and complex show and it may take a little longer than usual to iron out some of the kinks in the story. For now enjoy it for what it is....a draft article:) And yes, its long, but if you read to the end you will find out why Bree's mom could have been Op.Aphid!!!!!!!!!!
160,000+ views for the last Rachel video Glenn thanked the Red Army. He is working on the next video that is not quite at thumb nail stage yet. Fingers crossed, it may be released tomorrow. "The chair" still needs WD-40.
Something special planned for the Red Army. Glenn and Jeromy has always hoped RedEarth88 would take off and the Red Army has helped make it possible.

Glenn talked about how the radio show has helped bring us together as a community. Things work better when there is not division. Even though it is Glenn talking it has turned into a dialogue. It is like a combo therapy session/strategy meeting for him. He considers the Red Army like a support system.

Sara would also like to thank everyone. She has been reading the comments. She has done a lot of internet based stuff and she has never heard from so many people that she knows. A lot of people have seen her on the "being watched now on YouTube. Sara has a "day job" in addition to acting.

Glenn said he feels like RE88 has cleaned up with the "Hopey Awards". 3 "Hopeys" so far for stuff Glenn has worked on. He is surprised we have not seen more "Best Of 2007". He would like to see what would win best video.

Glenn suggested that we have 2007 awards and he will participate with his radio show (see post above).

Anchor Cove has had some good commentary and critique. LG15.com always tried to move onto the next big thing.
The time between shooting and posting LG15 videos can vary between a week to a day.

Up next: Speculation about that last video including uniqueblaze'e response video.

How Could THIS Happen? - redearth

Re: How Could THIS Happen? - uniqueblaze

Glenn asked listeners what they thought about the last video, "How Could THIS Happen?" by Rachel. The reason why Aly was staring is probably different from what Rachel thing. The viewers know more about what is going on than Rachel. Rachel does not know that Aly is Tachyon under cover. Tachyon has a lot of surprises. Her sexuality does not have anything to do with the story but Rachel's reaction does.

When this story arc is done people will be able to reflect and get more meaning out of it. Glenn wants the events to unfold in a way that entertains the viewer. With this medium we can tell this story in a more natural progression. We are experiencing Rachel's life.

Uniqueblaze video: why did Rachel favorite that video. Uniqueblaze is not canon but it was a very genuine response video. It was commentary and reaction. It was genuine and came across as offering a view point. It would be interesting to see more videos like that.

Rachel does not have much awareness of the "YouTube world". If anything was to penetrate Rachel's space it would be something like that where Rachel could interact in a social context. Glenn hopes that Uniqueblaze will continue to respond in that way and he could see potential in the future to incorporate something like that in the same way that Marla was integrated. Uniqueblaze is attractive and charming and did a great job with his video. He has "IT", as they say in the biz. He would make a great "lead" in he keeps making videos.

Glenn took it as a complement that some people speculated that he was gay.

The re-interpretation of the sit-com is a great way to present a "misunderstanding". By the end of the arc we are going to learn more about the characters and the story.

The working name for the video was "The Unthinkable Happened" and from Rachel's perspective the unthinkable did happen. At the last minute he changed the name. It was important to have a title that was true to Rachel's character. Glenn enjoys getting feedback on things like the title.

The comments on the last video were awesome. Because there were more people there were some really fun discussions going on like the LG15 comments used to have. If you want to get involved in the Red Army send an e-mail to [email protected].

Deagol brought up the "Kevin Bacon degrees of freedom game" which people were discussing on YouTube comments. IMDB is a great research tool for the Kevin Bacon game. He was on the Jon Stewart talk show in the early 90s. Glenn was working at the magazine "Blaster". The original idea was to have Wired for a younger set.

Reference from Wikipedia:
"Bacon is the subject of the trivia game titled Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, based on the idea that, due to his prolific screen career, any Hollywood actor can be "linked" to another in a handful of "steps" based on their associations with Bacon. Although it has since been proven that there are "better" centers in the Hollywood universe, such as Sean Connery, Christopher Lee, Rod Steiger, Gene Hackman or the prolific Michael Caine, Bacon's name remained the focus because he was the first one selected by the game's creators, and because the name "Kevin Bacon" rhymes with the last word of the phrase "six degrees of separation". A person's number of degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon is known as one's "Bacon Number"."
Syndication on the RedEarth88 channel: it would come across that the series has more depth. If you just watch the Rachel videos viewers tend to be dismissive. Next week we will talk more about "The Plan".
Thank you for the Red Army: customised gifts as token of Glenns appreciation. He needs some slogans or sayings. For example, "Come and Edit", "Applesauce", things like that. Thinks that have been said in comments or lines from the videos that people like. What is memorable? Send your suggestions to [email protected]
Beds Are Burning - makes Glenn think of a dance anthem. He thinks of 2 men in a cage. When he lived in S. California, Glenn's friend that he mentioned last week would come down and Glenns girlfriend loved to hang out with him They would go to the Abbey. It was a little mellower and it has a great vibe. Later on they went to the Rage (West Hollywood). Think "leather daddy" or the village people x 100. Sticking within the legal limits the people who created Rage made the gayest club that LA has ever seen.

If you want to hang out in San Francisco you dont want to hang out on Market Street. The Castro is awesome. The bars look a little scary but Marcellos Pizza is great. If you are looking for food at 2 am Marcellos is fantastic.

Glenn would walk in their with a group of friends and one of them was wearing a pink shirt. He could tell how uncomfortable his friend was so he started teasing him by making him feel uncomfortable. He went there with Yousef when he was at the YouTube gathering last year.

Glenn talked about "Uncaberet - Julia Sweeney" and the comedian sceene in LA. He used to go to a lot of stand up comedy. His original goal was to write for sit-coms. He met a lot of people and got advice and input. If you have goals specific to "the biz" and you are outgoing then LA is the place to go. You have opportunity to audition and network. If you do your research you can find workshops on anything you want to pursue. You have to be willing to put yourself out there.

Glenn made one fatal mistake. Do not move to S. California with someone you are in a relationship with. While you want to pursue your dreams your partner is going to be hanging out and bored. You are passionate and if they are not they have a lot of time on their hands. By month 5 or 6 you will be staying out of the house to avoid the grief at home. Either your goals and dreams or the relationship is going to go.

After a year Glenn moved back to N. California where he had some great consulting and writing opportunities.

If you want to act really research it. You have to pursue it in the smartest way possible. People do not take action because either they do not know what to do or they do not have the self confidence to do it.

Pick any industry. The most successful people are probably working in the greater LA/Hollywood area. If you want to be at the top of your game you are constantly reminded that you are not there. It is dangling in front of you. After a while you start to become a little jaded and bitter. All of these bitter people are the ones serving you coffee or bagging your groceries. You meet a lot of people with a chip on their shoulder. You are surrounded by the image of the best and thats probably not where you are. Not everyone is bitter.

John Edwards talks about two Americas. If in LA you have two cultures. In New York you have pocket of communities. The Latino community is very friendly and most towns in California have a significant Latino community within them. In S. California the number one radio station is Spanish speaking. There is power in numbers. It is almost like a co-existence despite some integration of the community. From a sociological point of view it is very interesting.

Glenn would love to have Del Taco as a sponsor and he would love to write a Rachel vlog on that topic. At 1am Del Taco is there for you with delicious food. Glenn wrote a Jonas vlog about him trying to get Bree to open up. He had an entire speach about Del Taco written. Miles liked the rant but it did not work for other reasons.

Daniel/Bree hooking up?

Glenn's failed crusade to have Bree and Daniel sleep together!! Bree was not at the age to really appreciate Daniel. He compared it to his own teenage life that mirrored certain elements of "My So Called Life".

Before Glenn joined LG15 Bree talked about how weird it was kissing Daniel. She said it was "icky". She was not into Daniel that way. At the time it seemed strange. Glenn was shocked that they had Bree reject Daniel. Glenn figured Bree would take an interest in Daniel if Daniel took an interest in another girl. Perhaps Bree would realize she was into Daniel a little bit.

When you are a teenager its harder to tell a friend you are interested in them. You have long all night conversations. You save the pen. You have ever note she sent you. Everyone would know you were into her. You might drop hints and she would shoot you down. Every 6 months to a year you would get a glimmer of hope. You might get that hug, or a kiss on the cheek. You see the hope when there is none.

It might happen 10 years laster when you run into each other in a club. Is it worth it at that point? Its cool but you just do not care.

Beyond the age of 18 the secret is: if you are hanging out with someone or going out with someone....if something does not happen after hanging out 3 times (even a minor closeness in contact is a good sign) it not going to happen. It is probably never going to happen so save yourself the time. You have to put it out there (be aggressive).

There is so much Glenn wants to tell his younger self. Never tell a girl you want to kiss her. Just kiss her.

If you hang out more than 3 times and you do not make "the move" then you are in the "friend zone" and you will never escape it.

Greg Mesh and Miles all have this in their past so when they were talking about Bree/Daniel it seemed to Glenn that if you were going to have that time when Bree would give Daniel that really bad encouragement. After Bree's dad got shot it was a time where she would do something extreme with a person she was close to such as Daniel. A hug is good but it can be misinterpreted. It could have tested the waters. What were the limitations. There was an internal LG15 resistance to Bree having sex. There was no talk about her having to be a virgin to do the ceremony. With the timing it would not be held against Bree given the situation.

Some people had the argument that Jonas and Bree would hook up first. In the long term Daniel was the type of guy that Bree should hook up with. In theory Daniel should have moved on.

Glenn said that if he had hooked up with with a girl in that situation he would have freaked her out by being too emotionally needy. Once they were friends again, he would be thinking in the back of his head that it could happened again. He never would have moved on.

Daniel being drunk: Glenn was told to tone down some stuff. Originally Daniel talked more about his parents being in AA. Glenn would get mad that after something was established a characters would just get drunk. Things felt untrue to the characters as Glenn knew them. Things have to fit for Glenn.

Aunt Alex: originally created to be around 25-29. She would not have been old enough to take care of Jonas. Her career would have been on an upswing. She would have arranged for the disappearance/murder of Jonas' parents.

Glenn talked about stuff with Yousef and Glenn thinks they should have Yousef write on the show because his ideas are very good. He really cares about the characters. He is passionate and committed and he is really talented.

Yousef asked Glenn about Daniel's parents being hands off. Glenn thought about it a lot and it started to come together. They had Daniel drink in the Katheryn McPhee episode. They went bowling and met Jackie Jandrell. She is incredibly beautiful in person and a delightful individual.

Glenn had to prepare for a drop (drivers license) and drove back to N. Cali. This is why Jonas house is in N. California. Some people would get Ukiah because he has a rough idea where the audience was based on the phone messages. He did drops in the bay area because there were 10 players based in that area. He figured that Ladron would get it.

Drop 7 (Yokayo Bowl) on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Normally you would split up the bowling alleys but it did not quite work out that way. If everyone had picked the bowling alley closest to them it could have been done in a few hours.

The Petaluma drop was awesome. Even though it did not go according to plan he loved the in character interaction.

Drop 4 (The Lost Art of Punctuality)

Drop 6 (Petaluma Revisited)

Look at the London drop. That took two or three days.

Driving back from S. Cali he was thinking about Daniels parents. By the time they did clean up their act Daniels resentment would be enough to keep him out of the house. Glenn knew people like that.

Bree's Mom: they were shifting the idea of which parent was more religious. She recruited her dad in order to do research for the Order. Glenn wanted Bree's mom to be OpAphid. OpAphid and Tachyhon were already inegreated and everything actually fit from a story telling perspective. It would make sense of the webcam in Bree's room It fit so well it would look like it was planned from the beginning

They were afraid because pple were freaking out that they would have to follow the ARG. It was also back burnered to other things. By the time of HR it was becoming fully integrated. They had to change out the music on a couple of Tachyon videos because of Revver so that took a little longer.

Could Bree's mom have been OpAphid?
(look at OpAphid as Darth Vadar) hints:

"Bree Phone Home" - Bree's mom had an insane temper

"My mom was furious.
(Bree holds her hands up beside her head and makes horns with her fingers, and imitates fire coming out of her mouth and then steam coming out of her ears.)"

"Mystery Movies" - Bree's mom was a little pissed about Bree spending time with her dad.

"My dad's research kept him really busy, but he always made sure to devote one afternoon a week to spend time with me. So on those afternoons, if there was a spy movie that he wanted to see, he knew that he wouldn't get any complaints out of me. (little laugh) But I think that my mother wasn't always happy when she'd find out."

OpAphid was going to be pissed about the shadow bounty hunter:
- Rogue elder sent out the shadow for Vegas and Opaphid was pissed
- OpAphid viewed these things were testing Bree
- OpAphid had a goal to over throw the Order elders with the help of Bree: This would have taken it from the Order being the bad guys to the Order trying to get Bree while OpAphid could both help Bree and be after her at the same time.

Compare this to Smallville, with Jorel being not good/no bad. Glenn did not like how they did that but it could have been a better version of that.

Look back at Hiding In The Bathroom

"My mom was higher up in the Order. My dad told me that there are different levels and people on the lower levels know very little."

What has work out in RE88 is having OpAphid beind detached from the Order. OpAphid has a lot more to do with RE88 than she did with LG15. It is not going to be how people would predict.

When Glenn came onboard with LG15 he did not understand the big story and he has not understood it since he left. What bumms him out is the lack of a big story. With RE88 Glenn knows the big story. It has evolved and developed but it has not changed. When pple look back on this arc they will be surprised how much story there is.

Send questions to [email protected]

For a log of previoius shows check out our GlennFM blogspot page.
Played @ Song Title

01:09:14 Novaspace - Beds Are Burning
01:06:06 Ridel High - I Wanna Be Sedated
01:02:44 Drowning Pool - Bodies
00:58:44 Cyndi Lauper - Hole In My Heart
00:12:46 Jimmy Eat World - Splash, Turn, Twist
00:08:33 JT The Bigga Figga - Game Recognize Game
00:06:32 Deftones - Please Please Please Let Me G
00:03:00 Frente - Open Up Your Heart And Let The Sun Shine In
23:59:09 The Juliana Theory - Is Patience Still Waiting
23:56:01 Liz Phair - Fuck and Run
23:53:26 Scott Thompson - Mixed Race Child
23:51:23 Hair - Manchester
23:49:46 Schooly D - The Mooninites (Future Wolf Megamix)
23:46:55 Korn - Word Up!
23:42:25 The Lemonheads - Big Gay Heart
23:39:47 Alkaline Trio - I Was A Prayer
23:05:35 Beastie Boys v Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love-Rump (Glenn Rubenstein Train Wreck)
23:02:34 Flyleaf - I'm So Sick


  1. Ukiah not Yucaya (where Jonas's house is in). :)

  2. Thanks Deagol. I actually thought the house was in Seahaven. I need to check that out later.

  3. The house was in Seahaven, but the drop was in Ukiah.

  4. Because it's always fun to prove deagol wrong:


  5. haha of course i meant the bowling alley where daniel left his license. i just thought it highly unlikely that he would drive 100 miles up north to get wasted, and then jonas do the same to pick him and random girl up. and then daniel once again drive back all the way to get kidnapped by the cowboy.

    i suspect the seahaven house they went to after the trip to texas may have been their "seaside" vacation home. but good job on proving me wrong anon! :)


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