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Friday, January 11, 2008


Rachel's latest video, "How Could THIS Happen?" sent shock waves through the community almost as soon as it was released last night. Here is what she had to say:

Rachel: "So... The other night was really weird. Don't get me wrong; my boss's dinner party was fantastic. It's just that something weird happened between Aly and me. When I was getting ready, Aly was helping me--and I really appreciated it. But... Every outfit she suggested just... I dunno. (She shrugs.) Wasn't my style. I guess I'm more modest than she is. And then, when we finally did unearth this one classic black cocktail dress, Aly just seemed a little too focused on watching me while I was changing into it. (She rubs her forhead.) Okay, she was staring--longer and lower than was appropriate. I hadn't reallyl picked up on it before, but... I'm just not sure if I'm comfortable being roommates with Aly anymore."

Source: LGPedia

Shocking? Perhaps not, until you remember that the character of Aly Zarin is none other than the infamous Tachyon. On December 11th, 2007, Tachyon released a video confirming that she was undercover as Aly Zarin to keep an eye on Rachel.

Here is how some of our readers responded:

rekidk said...
OMG is right! Now, the question is THIS: is this an issue of Tachyon's orientation--which is interesting in-and-of-itself? Or was Tachyon LOOKING for something? (Remember Bree's scar?)

I'm glad that we're getting to see Rachel's flaws. She's VERY judgemental.

anonymous said...
I think rekidk nailed it--Tachyon was probably looking for a scar. How could Rachel know?

This is interesting: Unlike the early lonelygirl15 videos, where we are just as clueless about the Order as Bree was, here the viewer knows sinister things surround Rachel that she's unaware of. It adds a layer of drama over seemingly benign vlogs.

amergin said...
I immediately thought of Three's Company, one of the shows Glenn has mentioned liking, while watching this... all of the uncomfortable misunderstandings.

kismet said...
> Unlike the early lonelygirl15 videos, where we are just as clueless about the Order as Bree was, here the viewer knows sinister things surround Rachel that she's unaware of.

Dramatic irony rules. Silly Rachel. I'm almost certain that it was just Tachyon's instincts about watching her assignment, and it's been so long since she has been normal that she doesn't really get space. (Then again, things I've been almost certain about in LG15 have turned up totally wrong.) I know Rachel said Aly gave her her space, but what is Alytach is still a little awkward?
OR maybe she really is a lesbian. *shrug*

Whether or not Rachel could know of the existence of Bree is probably less important than that fact that Aly could have been looking for something on Rachels body. Tattoos, marks, scars, etc...... or she was staring because of the lack of something?? And what about Rachel's response? Rachel took it as "she is checking me out way", but could that mean she is questioning her own sexuality? We know Aly is on a mission. Could that play into the stare?

If you recall we first encountered Bree's scar in the Lonelygirl15 video " Swimming".

In a previous article we discussed a mark on Bree's back and why the order wanted Bree.

In another article we questioned the meaning of Bree's scar.

But the story does not end there. Those of you who tuned into BreeFM last Wednesday night heard Glenn talk about "My So Called Life". In particular Glenn reference the character of "Rickie". Here is how Wikipedia describes "Rickie":

"Enrique "Rickie" Vasquez, played by Wilson Cruz, is Rayanne Graff's other best friend. He is a gay bi-racial (Hispanic-Black) 15-year-old boy raised by his uncle, who physically abuses him. In 1994, Rickie is as openly gay as a teenager could be in his circumstances. When his uncle kicks him out of the house he is fostered briefly by the Chases, then by English teacher Richard Katimski (played by Jeff Perry), who is also gay and becomes a mentor to Rickie."

One has to wonder if Glenn's remarks were a passing comment or a prelude of things to come on Rachel's life.

So take another look at Rachel's video:

How Could THIS Happen? - redearth

Then leave a comment below and let us know what you think Aly was actually looking at. And, if you want to copy your comment over to YouTube for the viewers there, here is the link.


  1. This is really exciting, and I hope we hear from Tachyon soon! My theory is that Tachyon was looking for scars or needle marks.

    I can't wait to see what happens!

  2. I don't know why everyone thinks a girl has to be a lesbo if they check out another girl. I think girls do this all the time (perhaps more subtly), and it's perfectly normal for girls to say that other girls are attractive.

  3. You mean needle marks like in Maddison Atkins.....

  4. @deagol: Yep, girls do that, definitely. But normally if they're as close as Rachel has been making her and Aly out to be, they'll talk about or compare, you know? I think that fact that Rachel feels to point this out, A. shows parts of her character and they way she quickly makes assumptions (which we've seen before) and B. lets us know there's probably a totally different motivation.

  5. I'll admit it, I'm stupid. I never understood the whole thing with Bree and the scar on her back. How do we know this wasn't just a scar Jessica Rose had? How do we know it was part of the story. This is something that has always confused me.

  6. 1: is there a scar on Rachel's kneck? 2: And what's that on her door?

  7. Joe it was clearly implied that it was intended to be part of the story when Jessica Rose explained the great pains they went to in order to find a swim suit that would show the mark on her back.

    She talked about it on Mixed Media.

  8. Modelmotion,
    OK, so if that's the case. I'm even more confused. Why go through all that effort and then nothing? I know, creators love plot holes. But this if they went through that much effort, WHY?! It just doesn't make any sense.

  9. Joe,
    I have to totally agree with you on that one. Perhaps it will be something we will learn more about as time goes on. Personally I hope they will follow up on this element and also fill in with the Aleister Crowley connection. Without those being fleshed out more I think the series would have missed out on something really important.

    This is a really smart audience base and the Cs just cannot expect people to forget about things like this. I know I won't.

    As for Rachel, I just cannot figure that one out. I guess time will tell but it is pretty interesting.

  10. MM,
    Let's just hope RE88 doesn't start liking plot holes. I'm not sure 436 has enough room. It's getting really crowded in there.

  11. MM>

    About this scar business... other than the omnipotent Order-being, can Tach/Op even use anything from LG anymore? I know LG can't use them, so I'd guess it's the same both ways... Would the scar be significant in this series? I'm sure she was looking for something, some kind of mark, but whether or not it has anything to do with Bree is questionable.

    As for the question of Bree's scar plothole, there's a lot of stuff from early on in the series that kind of fell out as the Ceremony/Order got more important and clearer. The scar probably fell the same way as Cassie/the mysterious third cast member that never was shown.

  12. Maybe Tachy was just surprised to see Rachel's vestigial tail.

  13. I don't think this is like My So-Called Life at all.

    Rachel didn't say that Aly (Tachyon) was bi-racial!

  14. I did not mean to imply that there would be a direct reference to something in the LG15 Universe. I just wanted to explain the speculation that there may be a similarity in the stories. We just do not know yet.

    The article also points out that it could be the lack of something she is staring at. I guess we just need to wait an see.


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