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Saturday, January 5, 2008

When A Girl Gets On Your Nerves - Redearth (RE88)

So the other day, I didn't think it was a good idea to post this... but Aly has been encouraging me to express myself more--and well, this is a rare verbalization of my uncensored thoughts.

And with my boss and his wife's dinner party tomorrow night, it's probably best to get such urges out of my system...

RedEarth88 on LGPedia.

When A Girl Gets On Your Nerves - Redearth (Redearth88) on LGPedia.

Shortly before this video was made available, Zoeyiswatching posted a video talking about her love of applesauce.

Rachel on LGPedia.

Aly Zarin on LGPedia.

Zoey on LGPedia.

Jordan on LGPedia.

Wind Beneath My Wings on WikiPedia.

Beaches on WikiPedia.

"Wind Beneath My Wings" Lyrics:
"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
It must have been cold there in my shadow,
to never have sunlight on your face.
You were content to let me shine, that's your way.
You always walked a step behind."

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  1. Well now we know why Rachel didn't wish Zoey a happy birthday.

  2. I want to preface this by saying how much I love these videos. I have watched from the start, I have written about them on my blog, I have shared links to videos with my friends encouraging them to watch.

    I'm bothered by how people promote RedEarth. I know everything is within the rules and for a good reason but it's a tactic I can't get behind.

    A new vid is posted and I go watch and enjoy it and leave a comment saying so. I may even end up watching 2-3 times. While there I notice hundreds and eventually thousands of comments but they are mostly by the same small group of people posting over and over these small 1 sentance or sometimes just 2 word comments. I know why it's done and how much it helps the promotion of the video to be tops in catagories on YouTube. But I'm from the school of quality over quantity and I can't see anything to brag about. A person could use a bot to reach number 1 in comments on their video, should they be congratulated?

    Same issue with video responses. I get why it's great to have hundreds of them. But if randomly looked in and saw that I would think the video was being spammed and not a sign of the number of fans the video has.

    I realize it's a fine line though as these tactics get the video seen more by new people and that is an important goal and one I hope happens. I just think someone really needs to keep a perspective here and see. Yes you can get it to 200k views, but if the subscriber list barely increases and it's mostly the same people clicking over and over... what really have you accomplished?

    Sorry for being wordy but I do love this series and I only want the best for it.

  3. That's a good point. The best way to promote the series, I think, would be to create a comprehensive catchup video, then have many fans submit it for potential featuring by YouTube. The videos are high-quality enough to be featured, and if enough people request a feature it will happen.

  4. I want to preface this by saying how much I love these videos. I have watched from the start, I have written about them on my blog

    We appreciate the promotion you have done for us, could you maybe post the link to your blog so that we can have a record of it?

    Oh wait, you posted under anonymous.

    I'll never understand why people with such excellent points wouldn't want to openly put their name behind them.

    But really, thank you for your thoughts.

  5. I fully agree with the other anonymous. This site is constantly comparing LG15 view numbers and what not with RE88's view numbers and that's not really fair. One is far older and has less buzz around it while the other is one that has a dedicated "army" inflating view numbers. It bothers me because you can't really use honors the two shows recieve on youtube as evidence of anything other than that one has more dedicated fanbase. While RE88 may be better quality, view numbers don't mean anything when you're almost cheating to make it so.

  6. Anon,
    If you think a small group of fans can create 220,000+ views you obviously have very very very little experience with youtube. Not only does it have protection against bots it has multiple protections against humans posting comments. Yes you can comment multiple times but thats really no different from what fans do on LG15 own comments board.

    If you actually read all the comments you would quite often find jokes and other exchanges that are no different from what happens on LG15 comments. If that has the result of helping the video get a little exposure then so be it, but no-one is forcing 200,000+ people to click on Rachels icon. I mean, can she help it if she is just that cute? Can she help it that LG15 killed off Bree?

    Also anon, you are certainly welcome to sign up as an author on the blog by sending an email to [email protected] or share your link so that we can post it and read what you have to say on your blog about RedEarth88.

  7. Also "anon" before we began our work the subsribers were in their hundreds now it's over two thousand and growing-

    So, I'm fairly certain that it's not just us-

    Anymore the comments are growing on their own I can almost promise you that for ever five comments from us there's an independant person posting a comment.

    LG15 has investors, directors, and MONEY and they use it to their advantage.

    RedEarth has us, and I'll be damned if I can't help make up for the series shortcomings.

  8. Posting every video a few users has on their account to the video responses does make it hard to find any genuine response videos - in effect burying them in 'spam.' Is that particular honor category worth going after?

    That might be something to rethink, although, I guess if they keep getting reassigned later to newer videos the genuine responses will re-appear later.

  9. I am hoping the Tachyon vids to come will bring more intrigue and interest to the story.

    Even Rachel's videos could be improved with a little less direct blogging to the camera, and a little more fun. Compare to "Proving Longitude Wrong" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALm8qZINAXM
    featuring Bree bouncing around her room, talking to the camera, interacting with Daniel, etc. It's more fun to watch.

  10. Its a common practice to post your video on a popular video in the hope that it gets a little exposure. LG15 has systematically blocked fan response videos on youtube as we have previously written about on this blog. I am not going to fault anyone for opening the flood gates even if it only means you get 30 min of exposure for your video. Some exposure is better than none. And for the most part none is what you get by posting as a response on LG15...... although I was recently able to get one posted so thank you for that LG15!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, lets not forget how LG15 got its start. Do you really not remember? Gizzzzzzzzzz

  11. I think RedEarth88 is pretty different from the early LG15 video. I was not sure where it was going till this last video but it seems to be exploring the nature of relationships in a very clever and unique way. I agree with Q that the early LG15 videos were very well crafted and fun but this new approach of RedEarth88 is intriguing and I think Q is probably right that Aly Zarin will add another dimension. Should be a fun ride if this recent video is anything to go by.

    By the way "anon" I am still waiting on your e-mail.

  12. Maybe during weeks where there is no new redearth88 video, the 'red army' should pick either a good LG15 video or some other video on YouTube (semi-random unknown) to comment on in the same way.

    It would be funny to see some kid going 'hey, why are all these people posting all these comments on my video' ? and getting lots of views, of course.

  13. I'm not going to attempt to defend any action I might be taking in this grassroots movement to get Redearth noticed.

    But the argument that it is not an ethical tactic is flawed. Suggesting that it is for a good reason, and that it is a quality show is enough of a reason to get behind the movement. The content that is being supplanted in the ratings isn't of the same caliber.

    I plan to continue unabated. I encourage anyone else with a similar vision of the genius behind the series to step up and join me.

  14. From what I have seen LG15 prefers viewers to use LG15.com. Isn't that why they only accept response videos on the LG15.com web site? They want to build a web property that they can monetize. At least thats how I understand their stated goal.

    One of the big draws of RedEarth88 on youtube is that you actually get to see your video as a response out in front of a new audience. Thats a kick. Its just a shame that the click through rates are pretty low:(

  15. This is called guerilla meeping for a reason.

    The lg15.com comments have always had the same sort of atmosphere but on YouTube it has a greater impact on helping.

    Where's the harm?

  16. Thanks modelmotion! I'd also like to respond to QtheC's suggestion that the Red Army back up an LG15 video during an off week for Redearth.

    I would certainly join such an initiative, but someone else is gonna have to organize it.

  17. I think BK has a street team initiative, so I would suggest contacting him. However I would like to point out that there are many "fan created series" that are equally deserving of attention. MessyNessy is in my opinion one of the best right now. Then there is the Coalition, the Flock, Meepers anon, mmyb...........etc etc etc.....all of which need our love.

    This blogspot is a platform for fan communication and we are always happy and open to initiatives like this.

    And "anon" if you want to pick up the ball and run with it we are all behind you.

    To be honest it breaks my emotional algorithm when i see a great video with only 100 views. I think many of us hoped that the LG15.com site would become a platform that could give other series a boost but for various reasons it has only had a very limited effect so far.

  18. By the way "anon" if you have been watching what is going on you might have seen a massive viral fan based initiative to help out LGPedia.

    Come and Edit.

  19. Commenting and stuff... the constant replies by the same people and all of the demeaning comments from people who watch it only because it's popular ruins the comment-board experience for me, and I'm sure for a lot of the fans. It's confusing and pretty much unecessary in my eyes.

    RedEarth88 is a really good series so far, and it has a lot of fans. I see the logic behind "make it more popular, get more fans, even if some haters come in as well". But I think that there could be a better tactic than that. I heard RE88 made partner... that's great. But spreading the word about RE88 to people who show INTEREST seems like a better course of acton to me rather than consistently flooding the comments and video responses and view counts to get it on the front page.

    I admire all the hard work the Red Army has done, but I think that if we can think of a better way (because I believe there is one), we should utilize it.

    Quality > Quanitity, after all.

  20. So, can you suggest a more effective way to get 200,000+ views?

    I lived through Maddison chapter 1. We had an equally great fan base and we tried everything we could to get people to watch. Just look at the results. Its sad and Maddison died in part because of that.

    We even reached out to Bree but she snubbed Maddison. That was really cold. Its not that we don't try, we do. I watched Maddison die. I won't let that happen to Rachel.

  21. And that's where we head back to trying to get RE88 featured. THAT'S how to jumpstart the series. A featured video can get 1000s of subscribers and 500k-1mil views.

    One problem with RE88, though, is that it takes place over multiple accounts. (Although the most active accounts are RedEarth and MaddisonAtkins--the Amblyopianne seems all but abandoned these days, and the OpAphid characters seem content to butt in just occaisionally.)

    The playlists on the RE88 account can be a great way to jump in for series newcomers.

    Then... There are people like my sister. She didn't care for the MaddyAtkins/Amblyopianne storyline. However, she INSTANTLY connected with the Rachel/Tachyon storyline. ("Wow! That Aly girl sounds cool. Wait, this is part of that weird RedEarth88 thing? I'm gonna watch it anyway!") The playlists on Tach/Bro's accounts are wonderful for just following Rachel's story.

    Um, yeah, I'm kinda in a 'train-of-thought' mood.

    I guess that my point is that there are different audiences, and we need to find them.

    Or maybe I don't have a point. XD

  22. I agree with the suggestion of utilizing a better way; but until such a method is found, then there is no harm in the method being currently employed.

  23. rekidk, i totally agree there are different audiences. We live in highly pluralistic times and they key is to be able to tie together enough "niche markets" to create a viable audience.

    Rachel is a compelling character and I think thats why people identify with her.

    And yea, Apo I agree. I think everyone will continue to experiment to see what works best and what can be improved. And, if anon can suggest new directions I am sure we will all be willing to test them out.

  24. Here's my reason for posting comments/video responses in massive amounts.

    I love the Redearth88 series. I want to spread it out to as many people as I possibly can to help support the series that I love. Commenting/responding has proven effective at doing this.

    Plain and simple. :)

  25. The problem with the idea proposed by Rekidk is that it relies on a YouTube editor to get a thumbnail and video title in front of a mass audience, in order to get the exposure.

    And it is hard to get featured. There are many articles about the process and it is very sought after. It took lonelygirl over a year to get such a feature from YouTube.

    Myself and many others have written to YouTube asking for such a thing (because it never hurts). But waiting on it is putting a lot of eggs in one basket that is not guaranteed to ever happen.

    For the time, the comments allow this dedicated group a proven method to get a thumbnail and title in front of a wider audience on a regular basis.

    Power to the people.

  26. I think we should separate the thinking a bit on the commenting vs. adding every video in your personal playlist as a "video response."

    I *think* the main thing bringing a high view count are the comments. The video replies add another honor, but I think that is an afterthought.

    High view counts are what are of interest to potential advertisers, and likely helped getting redearth added as a YouTube partner.

    But adding all those video responses is actually hurtful to those who would genuinely like to get views for a video or two, or who want to respond via video to Rachel "in-character."

    Both massive comments and massive video-response posting have a downside in the experience of those using YouTube. I would say continue with the comments, but perhaps limit the video response posting to 1-3 selected videos per user, something more moderate, that will not discourage genuine replies. As is, it is either mass posting, or the spam videos, and devalues video response opportunity for everyone.

    Why bother recording one if there are so many that no one will notice it?

  27. Hi. I was the third comment/first anonymous person. From what I've read you'd prefer me to use a name so I signed into my Google account. I 'm sorry for the delay in commenting with a reply as I was away with my daughter visiting family. I don't think I can reply to all points now so I will try and answer what is most important.

    JenniPowell: I'm unsure if you really thank me for my thoughts as I sense sarcasm but if you truly do, you are welcome. I also watch LonelyJew15 and find it a very well done series of videos. I posted as anonymous because it was just a quick and easy thing to do. If my words hold more merit under my real name now great. If by being anonyomous they don't hold weight that is okay too because all I am doing is writing my opinion.

    modelmotion: You almost seem in your comment like you think I have a problem with RedEarth. I like it much more that LG15 and was quite frankly happy to see Bree go. RedEarth is easily my favourite series of videos I currently watch. I've had a YouTube account for 6 months but have been watching videos regularly for over a year. When i said small group of fans, it's not like I was meaning 7 people or whatever I know it's more than a handful of people. Also I never said anyone was being forced to click her icon to get 200k views. I watched that video 6 times I think and each time was because I liked it. But there is no way that's 200K different people who viewed it. There would be a lot more than only 500 ratings for one and if 200k different people watched the video and there is still only 2k people subscribed that wouldn't say much for retaining viewers.

    qthec: You said it better than I did in regard to video responses. I see all those videos and some because I am a fan of the show I know are great and help promote the show. But a lot of those videos have nothing to do with the series and the good stuff gets buried in "spam"

    apotheosisax: I never said anything about it not being an ethical tactic. Just a tactic I would not use. I could be right, I could be wrong it's just an opinion. And just because I don't agree with the tactic I am not saying it has anything to do with ethics. It's like chess. I play with my brother and his tactic is to play for a draw. I would never play that way but it's his tactic and nothing to do with his ethics.

    lastly may I just say that just because I may disagree with what someone does, I am not saying it's bad. It's just not my choice. This last video I think is great and I have sent a link to it to 21 of my friends. I hope they all not only watch but stick around and watch more. I know I will be waiting and excited. Though I don't think I will be commenting as much because between some comments here and at the video on YouTube I am unsure how welcome I am.

    Have a great rest of your weekend


  28. On the idea of occasionially redirecting the 'red army' approach occasionally to either LG15 videos or to other semi-random video creators with small counts, I think it could be fun for all involved ... "there's no new redearth video, let's promote a MessyNessy this week" or "LG15 needs some love on this great video that is not getting enough attention" , etc. ... and spreading the love may bring more support for the approach (and deflect a possible perception backlash).

    In a related note, I would encourage those commenting massively, to be positive, but also be gentle with those who jump in and are a bit confused about what is happening - it feels a bit antagonistic at times, when the mass-commenters get a little defensive on YouTube.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. The key with the "Red army" method is that it gets the video over the initial needed threshold to be on the most viewed lists, which are the most important lists for getting brand new viewers. It also, of course, gets it on the most discussed lists (quite high), which also adds exposure to new viewers.

    The same thing used to happen completely legitimately with lg15 videos in the summer of 2006. if a bree video got enough views early on, it kept rising and rising with curiousity viewers. a year later, videos that didn't hit the thresholds to get on the most viewed lists got SUBSTANTIALLY less views.

    The current tactics don't bother me, and they aren't that rare. Daxflame was one of the first to encourage mass commenting, IIRC. Vlogbrothers did it on Dec. 17 with their "Project for Awesome." I'm sure it irritates some people, but its all a balance. On balance, I think guerilla meeping is fine.

    I join the others above when I say I also wish an lg15 video once in awhile could get such red army treatment. lg15 is still the mothership that keeps this community breathing, even those who barely watch it now.

  31. I think we all want the best and most open discussion of how to best promote these videos within the context of an authentic vlog experience.

    I also sent you a blog invite Mike if you want to write an article at some point.

  32. I agree with what Milo says. I will however add that I already see a lot of recent LG15 videos side by side with the RE88 videos on "the lists" so I think they are still getting a good bit of an early boost because of their subscription base. Thats what RE88 is lacking right now but hopefully that will grow over time.

    I also stand by my earlier claim that the vast majority of the RE88 200,000+ views are totally because of the lists and are not related to repeat viewing which I would guess accounts for less than 5000 views.

  33. anon 1: your comment seems pretty fair
    anon 2: is the one that describes this as "almost cheating" which i dont think is an accurate portrayal of what is going on here.

    So yea Mike, it helps to have names if for no other reason than to make clear who exactly we are responding to and why. So thanks.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. >Why bother recording one if there are so many that no one will notice it?

    You have a point Q, but there are people who check out the Most Responded list (I for one am a fan of it) Plus anyone that views a video that is a response might say "hmm, I wonder what the video this is a response to is about." and then check it out.

    >between some comments here and at the video on YouTube I am unsure how welcome I am.

    Mike, you are always more than welcome to comment anywhere. I appreciate your input, and think you have valid points. Just because we dont see eye to eye on this subject doesnt mean I disregard you any.

    you = cool in my book :)

    >I join the others above when I say I also wish an lg15 video once in awhile could get such red army treatment.

    I agree with you as well Milo, I think it would benefit everyone to have the red army diversify it's efforts to other projects (I for one personally think e should have a huge movement to have the Red Army edit for the LGpedia. Like you said, LG is the Mothership and we should all show it some love as they have shown us countless times)

    >I also stand by my earlier claim that the vast majority of the RE88 200,000+ views are totally because of the lists and are not related to repeat viewing which I would guess accounts for less than 5000 views.

    I agree with you ModelMotion, simply put none of us have the time to view this video enough to push it to that high a threshold. Plus, the random commenters are proof that we are getting new viewers (some love it, some hate it, but all are tuning in)

    I would also like to say that the Red Army is not a structured regiment, it;s simply a bunch of fans commenting on videos. Alla re welcome, even those who dont like the commenting tactic. If you feel that the red armys efforts could be better spent doing other things then step in and propose an idea. I for one will support it and assist in any way I can.

    (also please note that I deleted my comment before this one because of a copy and pasting error. sorry bout that)

    <3 you guys :)


  36. I was the second anonymous, and I'd like to add that the thing that really makes this whole thing bother me is the fact that we all trash LG15 for having "risque" video titles in order to get more views when the Red Army is doing something else to get more views. Why is one okay and the other isn't? That's one reason why it bugs me. Even if one show is better quality than the other, the use of ploys to get viewers should be something that's either frowned upon or not. Just because you like one show better doesn't mean you can be hypocritical about it, IMO.

  37. On the question of the response videos we just do not have data on which "lists" most effectively contribute to views. Most likely its a cumulative effect but without empirical evidence its impossible to say.

    We have some pretty smart people around here that might be able to write a program that could figure it out and the results would be quite facinating (and useful).

    And while Q raises a valid point in terms of the authenticity of the experience I have actually been enjoying a lot of the response videos that have been presented. I cannot claim that I watched all 200+ of them but I probably did watch 50, many of which I was seeing for the first time. The majority of the first 200 were actually fan videos which was nice. Over time the "less related videos tend to flood in as people realise that a video is going to be a smash hit and jump on board.

  38. that was a alot of reading...ive forgotten most of it now, but ill give my view anyways,

    i kinda agree that the vid responces was abit much and just makes it messy and hard to find genuine responces.

    Personally i dont like the google comments becsaue i get so lost in it , but for the guys who can do it its great and is good for promotion.

    so yeah...theres my bs =D

  39. Just a quick question

    does anyone know how many actual response videos have been made strictly to be responses to a re88 video?

    I can only think of a few, one hater video and a video or two of Virginians.

  40. Who trashes LG15? There might have been comments that particular provocative words increase views but I was under the impression that was a well established and well debated fact of youtube life.

  41. Much agreed, I mean sure I don't like *every* LG video, but I still love the series.

    Without them none of us would be here having this discussion right now.

    >Who trashes LG15? There might have been comments that particular provocative words increase views but I was under the impression that was a well established and well debated fact of youtube life.

  42. Greg, u would need to add ziw and opzoeyd to that list. I will keep my optical sensors open for any others.

  43. >Greg, u would need to add ziw and opzoeyd to that list. I will keep my optical sensors open for any others.

    ah! good call sir :) I forgot about the infinite amount of Zoey fanfiction.

    Zoey Wuz Hurr (well, not really...I mean she *might* have been but I dont have any way of knowing. No, for real, I really dont. Ok well I do have that one way but you know how much it wears me out to read her mind.)

  44. I guess it's just my belief that RE88 doesn't need 200K+ viewers in order to be successful. It would be awesome for the people working on this project to get some nice dough if partnerships and adspace start rolling. RE88 got a major boost from LG15 fans for incorporating Op/Tach. I love that new people are coming in because of what they see on the lists, I just also agree with some of the other people that it's getting a little extreme, a little spammy, and if I were a newcomer who saw that it was on the list but then noticed it was mainly the work of a couple of people, I would be turned off. It wasn't because a lot of people thought it was good, but because a few people wanted to pump it up.

    And I know that's not the reality of it, it's just what I would assume automatically as an outsider.

    About being featured -- amazing idea. And what the RA has done already should really increase chances, because the videos have been well honored, and so many people have viewed/commented. YouTube will like that and will give it a chance to be viewed even more. Do we got somebody working on that?

    Also, if there's a forum/unofficial website anywhere outside of lg15.com, that would be nice, too, it would give new fans a place to go that's not very confusing.

  45. Dang! It took me a while to write that, 7 comments got posted before me.

  46. firstly I just wanna say that I <33 Kismet, and miss talking to you on the Maddy forum threads.

    there just hasnt been much going on with Clara lately, so there hasnt been much to talk about :/

    >Also, if there's a forum/unofficial website anywhere outside of lg15.com, that would be nice, too, it would give new fans a place to go that's not very confusing.

    I think they are trying to keep everything central to the "Red territory" section of the LG15 forums, to show their appreciation to the C's for offering them their own area to play.

    There are however forums at MaddisonAtkins.com, but the foot traffic just isn't as much so there aren't many responses to threads, and as such no one goes there very often :(

  47. o.o; I think you've got a different Kismet, since I wasn't around when MaddyAtkins was! ^__^

    If you do happen to mean me, which I doubt, then much obliged!

  48. >If you do happen to mean me, which I doubt, then much obliged!

    I could have sworn you posted on the Maddy atkins chapter 2 (aka The Clara/Marla episodes) forum threads.

    maybe for the opaphid "remember me" video?

    either way, you rock :)

  49. OH I think I might have gone there just the once... but I wouldn't think I left a lasting impression. I'll go there and refresh my memory, Greg!

  50. I know it was somewhere, my memory is bad too hehe.

    and I promise thats not a pickup line!

    "have we met before?" heheh :D

  51. *laughs* Way to break the (thin) ice of these comments...

    We def went off on a tangent.

  52. this has to be most-commented post on lg15today ever. i love the level of intelligence and reasonable and reasoned debate.

  53. I just have to throw in my 2 cents about all this... personally I think if the mass commenting (which I have no problem with; I've tried to participate when I've had time) had started right before 15 over 15, there would be more people subscribed to redearth's channel. I love Rachel and her vblogs but at the same time I think the last 4 (red army promoted) videos, while awesome, haven't had those "wow, amazing, must subscribe" moments that would pull people into the series. Most people on youtube (unfortunately) aren't proactive enough to go to redearth88's channel and look at the playlists, so when they see a Rachel video they tend to think that readearth is one girl vblogging and that's it. At the same time I'm really glad the readearth88 channel is there because when people *are* interested I can point them there.

    I've sent emails to youtube about featuring redearth videos but it hasn't helped so far... I can't really think of another way to promote the series aside from doing that and commenting, which leads to honors, which leads to more people viewing the videos. I've told friends about it too. I'm all for promoting a series in a way that better increases a subscription rate, but I don't think it's necessary to stop the commenting until a better promotion alternative can be found.

    Okay that was long and rambly, sorry!

  54. >this has to be most-commented post on lg15today ever. i love the level of intelligence and reasonable and reasoned debate.

    I believe you are correct sir, I am enjoying this as well :)

    >*laughs* Way to break the (thin) ice of these comments...

    hehe, sometimes you just gotta smile :)

    >I think if the mass commenting (which I have no problem with; I've tried to participate when I've had time) had started right before 15 over 15, there would be more people subscribed to redearth's channel.

    I agree Jane, especially the Lofi videos (those were so action packed that it would have helped to bring in a more diverse crowd of viewers.)

  55. YOU GUYS!!!!
    If only you had this little debate on YouTube then you'd have 50 more comments!!! Sheeeeesh!!! Ya guys want more comments and then ya'll come on here and debate... what's wrong with you people!!! ;) hahaha...

    I just read two comments that I wanted to reply to...

    1. "does anyone know how many actual response videos have been made strictly to be responses to a re88 video?
    I can only think of a few, one hater video and a video or two of Virginians."

    Yes silly... all those "Audition Tapes" durrrr... =)

    2. To Q's, "let's give another video series some love" comment... yes... may I suggest "watchyourjack"... I'm not partial at all... ;) more views/subscribers means an advancement in the story... an advancement in the story means we'll find out if it's canon or not faster!!!
    no but seriously... model brought up a good point... a fan series worthy of help should get some help... I mean how do we know there's not another Glenn Rubenstein/Jeromy Barber out there that NEEDS the help getting their series and name recognized???

    That is all... =)

  56. Mike, thank you for your response.

    I do disagree. The tone of your initial post evinces a sense of disapproval to the tactic.

    You comparison to a game of chess is also flawed. We are not playing a game here; we are supporting the work of a group of people who are interested in making a living with this series.

  57. >Yes silly... all those "Audition Tapes" durrrr... =)

    how could I forget those hopeful!

    *slaps his forehead*

    I didn't mean that post sarcastically by the way, I really respect Q and his point is very valid. I just couldnt remember any, but I know that if we all out our brains together we have accumulated knowledge of everything! Like a wiki perhaps? *coughplzeditlgpediaeveryonezoeywillloveyoouforeverxcough*

    Also, it would be cool to see Jack get some attention. I dig his series and the direction it's going.

  58. Well, hopeful, the thing about the YT comments is that there are SO MANY in so many different places, it's hard to keep track of order, rhyme, and reason! xD Which is my biggest issue with it...

    >I love Rachel and her vblogs but at the same time I think the last 4 (red army promoted) videos, while awesome, haven't had those "wow, amazing, must subscribe" moments that would pull people into the series.

    I definitely agree. It should be the series itself, the biggest moments and most interesting things, that we aim all our resources at. If we went back and did some of this with lofi's videos (the kind of things the manlyman haters would wanna see), it would help hook people most.
    CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES, essentially.

    >may I suggest "watchyourjack"... I'm not partial at all... ;)

    Thar ye go, lassie! ^_~

  59. apotheosisaz: First may I say in going back to see exactly what I wrote, I see that I misspelled your name in addressing you so for that my apologies. Now onto addressing your most recent comment.

    It's not just a tone but I outright said I disapprove of the tactic so I am unsure what you disagree with in regard to that. Obviously you disagree with me not liking the tactic which is fair since my opinion doesn't mean I am right. Just what I feel. However you seem to be saying in my reply to you I wasn't saying that? For the record and I hope this is clear. I love the series. I love the videos. I love the acting and the writing and look forward to more. I just have a problem with certain ways it's being promoted but again it's not right or wrong, it's just what I personally think.

    The other part is you bringing up my chess point. You seem to have misunderstood my point. Of course it's not a game and I am supporting the people who make this series as well by linking to videos and telling many of my friends about it. You stated, "the argument that it is not an ethical tactic is flawed" so when I brought up chess it was only to address that comment. To show that while I may disagree with my brother's chess tactics of playing for a draw, I in no way think it's a matter of ethics that he plays that way. Just as I disagree with some of the tactics used to promote RedEarth but I don't see it as an ethical matter.

    I hope that explains my thoughts and previous comments.


  60. Mike,

    I thank you again for your willingness to step out from behind your previous anonymity.

    Your pronouncement regarding your disapproval of the tactics of the Red Army is your suggestion that it isn't something you can get behind.

    You were simply stating your unwillingness to participate.

    I can see that you are unwilling. That's fair. You aren't making any pronouncement of whether or not you believe it is right or wrong.

    For the reasons I stated earlier, I believe that joining this movement is right, both from a tactical standpoint, and a moral one. I hope you will reconsider.

  61. Wow, some great discussion went on here, and I would just like to try to address some of them.

    1. Mike, aren't you mrox on youtube? I always try to keep up with who is who, but it is hard for me to remember at times. Second, yeah, this blog gets a lot of anonymous comments when people want to talk negative about multiple things, without revealing it was them who said it. For me personally, an anonymous comment loses credibility the moment I see its anonymous, and I suspect I am not the only one from the comments of this blog. So, I would say avoid anonymous whenever possible. Even using the other option and typing some username other than anonymous is better, at least for me. Credibility increases 10 fold. I am sorry it is something you cannot get behind, but if you view the last part of this comment, you will see a link to a forum thread where I have suggested other ways to help, ways that may be more to the liking to those who do not like the commenting. :)

    2. I have seen a slight premise in the comments, intentionally or unintentially, that we have to pick and choose whether to comment on th e video or do something else. Actually, if there is a better way thought up, the community can do both.

    3. Kismet, hey, the commenting thing has become less of an "operation" and more of a thing the Red Army naturally does now. We leave the chat room and talk on the comment board, and its not about picking and choosing videos, it is just a natural response of the community. It has worked out great. I would simply ask that if a video does come up that you think is worthy of commenting, that you help us out! You would be surprised how fun it can be.

    4. I always ask youtube to feature the video at [email protected]. I thought this was assumed, and that everybody was doing this, but from some comments above, apparently some didn't know. So, always ask youtube to feature the video.

    5. QtheC, I think the most responded list is very important, and I certainly will continue responding with all mine. Not only are their physical lists on youtube, each honor has an RSS feed that people subscribed to, so each honor we receive generates views and exposes the video to a different audience. Also, there are websites all over the internet that use the RSS feed to categorize the popular videos on these lists. Each honor, including the most responded honor, generates a place on these websites, and generates views. I appreciate your concerns, I just disagree on that one.

    6. I would just say that the Red Army is much less organized than people might think. The "Red Army" is simply called that because someone nicknamed us that. In fact, it is made of individual people, and it has just become a natural response to go talk on the video, and it really has been great and I have a lot of fun. In fact, people would not naturally do it on every video if it was not fun.

    I just had to join the fascinating discussion. I have always said the "Red Army" will be whatever the community wants it to be. Also, while commenting is the main focus, if that is not your thing, there are other ways to help here: http://lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?p=520757#p520757 and the posts write after that one.
    Commenting isn't the only thing the community can do to help. Also, if you have other ideas, be sure to put them in that forum thread. Help is needed on all of those suggestions listed

    Oh, and Mike, I want your blog address!! We wants to read what you have written, and will write in the future! ;)

    Thanks all.

  62. http://tinyurl.com/23e673

    My link got cut off above, so I had to employ a tinyurl. Copy and paste that into your browser.

  63. Virginian> I actually hve commented on most of the videos once or twice, but as far as discussion on the comment board goes, it's still a little confusing for me. You've replied to come of my comments (under SaramisKismet).

    & I heard about a Red Navy once. What exactly is that? o.0

  64. Hello. I have to be quick as I've got plans today but can someone remove my comment that included my email? I awoke today to 4 emails using profanity and misconstruing my comments. as in, "You're a Fu..ing tool, if you hate this so much why do you bother watching?" I might have that edit function but if i do, I don't know how.

    I do thank modelmotion for the invite they sent though as that was a nice email to see.


  65. Wow, mike, who the heck said that to you? o.0 That's not kind, just because you don't conform to the greater fandom doesn't mean you're not a fan...

  66. Initially I was going to comment on behalf of the LonelyJew15 staff that we'd love support from the Red LoveTeam (I prefer that to "Army"...heehee), but something else got my attention that really upset me...

    As the person that initially asked Mike to step out from behind his anonyminity (sp?), I am shocked and appalled that he is now receiving e-mails with profanity and other unkind words. How disrespectful can you be? I personally apologize for this unkindness.

    There is no excuse, really.

  67. As per your request, the comment with your e-mail has been deleted Mike.

    I would like to say that anyone who e-mailed him with inappropriate messages should grow up and get a life (or at the very least have the courage to speak your mind here, publically.)


  68. I fully agree with Jenni and Greg. Anyone who sends hateful e-mail is behaving in a manner contrary to this initiative.

    We aren't here to hate on anyone.

  69. A lot of people know me from LG15 comments where we have had fun for years. The idea of creating names for unofficial groups has always been around. Remember LG15 Defense Force. Remember Lonelypirates15. Its just what we do. But please do not take these names out of context. Back in the day we fought a massive war on comments. When it was over there were a lot of hurt feelings and a lot of angry people. However a few wise ones suggested the best path was to greet everyone with a smile. To use love and friendship as a way to build bridges; a way to build and grow the community. I hope we did that for LG15 and I hope that we can do the same for RE88. Its a great approach to life in general and I thank those who inspired it in our culture. What happened to Mike is not representative of what we are.

    Secondly it was in fact Mr. Zipp that sent a group of early Maddison Atkins fans on a mission to grow the community. That series is now known as RedEarth88. Time and time again over the past year I have been accused of letting Maddison die. Of failing her. Mr. Zipp told us that if we grew the community it would protect Maddison. We tried. We tried so hard, but in the end she died. And yea, maybe I could have tried harder to grow the community. But I didn't. Does that make me a killer? I hope not, but yet I get blamed. And now we get blamed for trying to engage new people in the community. Gizzzzzzz it is hard hard being a bot, you just cannot win.

  70. You have already won, modelmotion. You have edited with style and diligence. You have resolved the tiny clues.

    Also, you have emerged as a leader in this community. I salute you.

    Come and edit.


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