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Saturday, January 5, 2008

When I Get To The Bottom Of The Jar (reversed) - modelmotion

Wind Beneath My Wings

When I Get To The Bottom Of The Jar (reversed) - Zoeyiswatching

Side Note : After googling "alternate covers of Wind beneath My Wings" I found a punk version that matches the song used in the When I Get To The Bottom Of The Jar. Below is a video for it. - GG

Yidcore - Wind beneath my wings


  1. This is just a reversal of the earlier published ziw video. However you can clearly hear what appears to be a cover version of the "Wind Between My Wings" song. We are still working on the identification of the cover band.

    There was a reference to this song in the Rachel video and there were also references to applesauce in the Rachel video. The significance of these in ziw is unclear.

  2. omg! the Yidcore vid is awesome! good catch greg.

  3. ecuas elppa ekil I

  4. I saw Yidcore live a few years ago--they're amazing!

  5. thanks steve :)

    it was a combination of the awesomeness of google and luck.


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