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Friday, January 25, 2008


The death pool poll is still open but with 183 votes cast LG15 Today is now calling the poll in favor of Dr. Hart who has an impressive 31 percent of the vote. This means we can now say with absolute certainty that there is a distinct possibility that Dr. Hart might die in the Season Finale of Lonelygirl15.

Runner up for the illustrous title of "Most Likely To Die" is none other than Bree (again) who with an impressive 19 votes had 10 percent of the total. How could Bree (again) die? Leave us your suggestion in a comment below.

Tied in 3rd place were Emma and Mallory who both had 9 percent of the vote, but Gina is running close behind with 8 percent.

Trailing well behind for the title were:
Jennie 2%
Carl 1%
Taylor 0%
Daneil 2%
Jona 4%
Sarah 6%
Spencer 0%
Bree's mom 0%
Jonas's mom 0%
Jonas's dad 0%
Watcher (Greg) 0%
Sonia 0%
Aunt Alex 0%
Carla 0%
Chris 0%
Random girl 1%
Nikki B 0%
The Cowboy 0%
P. Monkey 3%
Jack 0%

Note: there is some rounding error in results so a single vote might show up as 0%. Also the results have not been independently audited or conducted with a statistically valid sample so some may question their validity.



  1. On the comments for the finale Twist predictions article, LuckyStrike502 said...

    Greg Gallows will be introduced as a watcher. After all, he got the watcher tattoo and shaved his head! While being introduced during the Season 2 finale, he will be shot and killed! That will be the twist, and the death!

  2. I cast the single vote for Aunt Alex to return in the finale, and then sacrifice herself (as a natural trait positive woman) in place of Gina or Emma.

  3. i was thinking this morning the twist might be that mallory is seen with the order, and is suspected of being a traitor, and then she gets killed in the inevitable shooting to come today, and its revealed she was NOT with the order and was trying to help them all along. NOW that would be twist. AND delmundo would be part of the real resistance and forced the breakup with daniel because he didn't want mallory and daniel to be romantically involved because it might screw up mallory's mission (which indeed it ends up doing.)

    And then once mallory dies we see DelMundo talking to a p.monkey puppet and sobbing in a fetal position.

  4. Anything that brings back P. Monkey would be cool:)

  5. No one even thought of the watcher!!


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