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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why it's ok to kill off Bree & Kate... but not Jack!!!

"“If Jumper succeeds, there’s potential for it to be a franchise…” If a sequel is planned, more than likely they’ll look favorably on employing any and all former devices used to promote the original film. "



  1. I think they still need to figure out how to get jack a lot more exposure. The dilemma is that if they put the current video on the main youtube site they risk alienating their fans and if they don't they will not generate enough attention for the video.

  2. actually fox has a huge campaign going for jumper beyond lg15. they had ads blasting during the football playoffs. they also had a hp combo ad where the character from the movie jumped into the hp ad. there was something in adage about it. also, this last weekend there was a winter sports thing on espn and everyone was wearing jumper t-shirts and it was co-hosted by the actress from the film. the jack story is just another avenue to reach people they think they might not reach otherwise.


    i love your articles and your passion about the jack and suzie story. they're lucky to have you as a fan.

  3. What market area are you in, anonymous?

    Because seriously, here in Chicago, I still have yet to see anything Jumper related on TV, or billboards (our mass transit system has about one billboard per stop), or anything. Which is highly unusual to me!

    I think the only explanation is the Jumper productions are focusing their campaigns on other areas (such as New York and L.A.). But that makes the situation even more unusual... hmmmmmmm....

  4. I think it also may be because Chicago ad-space is more liberal when it comes to selling air-time to local businesses...

    I see more ads for Giordano's and Portillo's (local food chains) than I do for up-coming movies.

    See what you guys started... I get all geeked out and talkative when it comes to advertising and marketing. Eep!

  5. Interesting. Its getting close to the release date so it will be fun to see what we get over the next two weeks.

    I think Jack sas developed a very loyal core group. The question is: will that help them with a mass audience?

  6. Even here in Glasgow im seeing a fair amount of Jumper ads on TV, Billboards etc. even in small towns theres huge ads for it haha

  7. That's because Chicago SUCKS, youwish... LoL!

  8. Because no one would ever jump to Chicago. :)


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