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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Atomic Wedgie - Super Tuesday With 3 Hotties

Politics are best served with beauty. Starring Taryn Southern.
Atomic Wedgie - Super Tuesday With 3 Hotties

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  1. It was nice seeing her again.

    Go Jess!

    But, yea it is time for Jess to return to the interweb.

    No-one does it better.

  2. its the SxePhil song =o

  3. I vote this the worst thing Jessica Rose was ever in. It was not funny just incredibly stupid.


    Vote for change, vote Obama '08

  4. Haha, I totally agree, raz.

    She doesn't seem to be doing a whole lot since she left LG15...maybe Greek will start up again when the strike ends.
    Either way, she should have stuck it out on LG15 instead of leaving to cash in on being a "big star".

  5. Yeah, I mean if you're a big fish in a small pond (and are one of, say, a dozen big fish), maybe you feel like that gets boring for you. Obviously you'd want to check out a bigger pond.

    But now, you're in the ocean, and it just looks like there are a dozen thousand fish bigger than you, and it's sad because you got more recognition for your talent back in your pond.

  6. I knew she was alive!
    Is this what the Order does to you?
    A fate worse than death.

  7. Hmm... Jessica has either gone back to her original accent for real, or is using the accent for the vid. It is hard to tell.

  8. A sad attempt at humor, it was painful to watch. Jess should come back to LG15.

  9. What a bunch of crap. Her career would have been much better if she stayed on lg15.


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