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Monday, February 4, 2008


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Another long day at work. It was helping to take my mind off of things till I had a surprise visitor.

To date, only one book based on the beliefs of the Hymn of One have ever been placed in the spotlight. The book, Finding the One, by Rupert Van Heldon is apparently a popular text to give to new members of the Hymn of One, as witnessed by Steve giving a copy to Kate for Christmas and Carl giving a copy to Sarah during her initiation.

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KateModern Season 2 Week 3 Recap - Sophie S (KM)

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  1. Wow, the event "jumped" from Monday to Saturday.

    Now thats a clever product integration!!

    Go Jumper:)

  2. This is becoming a more in-depth and "adult" LaRezisto storyline.
    I actually like it!

  3. Yeah KM is alot more of a adult storyline and more sensible and the acting is very good.

  4. Anyone else think the Hymn of One is responsible for Charlie's promotion. Make her to busy with work to investigate them.


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