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Monday, February 4, 2008

Best Advice to a Character (Re: Grand Canyon)- Community Appreciation Week

I think you should tell your sister the truth. And Daniel... I think Bree would be happy that you gave Jonas' sister P-Monkey. P-Monkey needs a friend right now.


From Inside LG15:

The Best Advice to a Character video goes to Re: Grand Canyon from bubbleteamaylee. Her videos are always sincere and straight from the heart. If only Daniel, Jonas, Sarah and the rest of the group would actually listen to her! Maybe then they wouldn’t get into so much trouble.

Thank you bubbleteamaylee!!

- LG15 Team


  1. LoL! The Creators are REALLY acting like fans this week... as they got FIRST!!! on this video... LoL!

  2. Awe!! I won! That makes me so happy! Totally made my day!! :D :D *jumps around*

    Can't wait to see all the other fan videos that win!!

  3. Congrats!! Good, sincere video bubbleteagirl.


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