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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Boggle Puzzle Solved! Emma in Chat 6pm PST TONIGHT!

Boggle Puzzle Solved!

The Boggle puzzle was an anagram for Craigslist Emma LA (Thank you to Greg Gallows for solving this!)

Rachael, Kimmycat, EmiB, and QtheC discovered the Craigslist link


The message reads :

Emma is THE best at Boggle - w4m
Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2008-02-12, 8:42PM PST

"Mom and Dad -- Still up at the cabin. Starting to feel better. Miss you guys so much. Need to talk but can't use phone. Can you chat on Thursday, 6:00PM?



Which means Emma will be live in chat at 6pm PST (9pm EST) tonight!!

Click here to join the LG15Chat!


  1. I added the picture showing that the words were composed of adjacent letters in the boggle, but they were not in the correct order ... the Creators did not check the Boggle rules for this puzzle ;)


    Good job on the Anagramming, Greggers!

  2. Should we be concerned that accused Order mole was involved in the solution? uh-oh...

  3. U should be more concerned that he is a jumper!

  4. See you all tonight. It's like we'll all be on a Valentine's Date. Romantical!

  5. Why would they make the chat during Lost?? :-(

    I guess a lot of Lonelycrackers in the eastern half of the US will be missing the chat tonight.

    Priorities, priorities... there aren't many things that can draw me away from LG15, but Lost is one of them.

  6. maybe the creators told Greg Gallows what it said... just a thought, i mean who would figure it out if they are not in the correct order?

  7. Do you mean "the correct order" or "the correct Order" ? dun dun dun...

  8. Um, anonymous, I assure you Greg has the mental capacities to figure out an anagram without any help from the Creators. He is one of the best puzzle solvers out there.

  9. I agree with Alli.

    Sorry fellow lonelycrackers.

    But LOST pwns LG15 in every way imaginable.

    Hope ya'll have fun!!!

  10. I solved this one on my own, all things considered it;s not that hard of an anagram (emma was obvious, after that craigslist fell into place)


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