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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Come On People - Skunkwaffle

A little Skunkrantyness.

But seriously, wtf?

1 comment:

  1. Out of Game: This is a great video, and symbolizes the community debate going on right now about the best way to contact people in Nach as well as the situation with Marla.

    Come over to the lg15 forums and make your opinion heard. The fate of things happening in Nach could be in your hands. Marla the character has posted in the forums recently.

    In game:

    Cross-posted on the lg15 forums:

    Skunk, to your point about discussion and debate, yes, we are still at that point. Clara and Marla are both in harm's way, they are on the ground. Many of us could have written a letter at any time, but we have worked to involve the community in every decision and discussion, because Marla and Clara are there. We included Marla in the initial letter idea because we wanted complete and total input. Acting quick and irrationally about something like sending a letter or a video to someone in Nach while Marla and Clara and there in harm's way is not the way to go. So, yes, we are still very much at the point of debate and discussion, up to and until Marla and Clara are out of Nach and safe, which I don't think is going to happen. 100 pages of forum posts are better than acting irrationally and not getting total input on the safest and best way to create contact with people.

    And, skunk, the last argument is an empty one. There have been multiple people giving her advice to get out of there, regroup mentally, go back when she is ready. She has had this option the whole time. I don't think anyone has been riding Marla too hard. It was mostly because no one had heard from Marla in a long time and she had been there for 96 (Edit: 97) days and we had not even seen public documents. If she is too scared to act, she needs to leave. Sitting there is not helping anybody. She is posting public videos on an account already watched by those who killed Maddison. Everyone knows why she is there already. I think she does need to leave, go to a friend's, go back when she's ready. Until then, I have advised her to start with public documents.

    As far as letter versus video, penguin last night volunteered to write the script for a video, so it looks like plans for a video are coming together.


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