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Friday, February 29, 2008

Coming For You - Shadow (LG15)

Transmission OTS - 0135 - 07
You thought there would be no consequences ... you were all wrong.

- Shadow

Artist: Apteka

Track: The Sheet

Artist Link: http://www.aptekamusic.com/ect>


  1. So I guess the Big Bad of Season 3 is a Shadow gone off the deep end?

  2. when i seen the title and description i was expecting some tense scary little video , this is just amature

  3. THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one that thought so.

  4. I don't think how to make youtube videos is one of the things that the order teach shadows.

  5. i agree kindredphantom... although the choice of music was kind of happy & chirpy coming from a angry Shadow

  6. How did a Shadow get the password to the lg15 account? If the Order has such access, why not delete all those "defamatory" videos? Plotholes much...

  7. This video....
    *shakes fist*
    No comment

    (sadly though, I see where they are going...)

  8. Anybody solve the code yet?

    Personally, I think the chipper music makes it all the creepier, like when a song has a pleasant sound but disturbing lyrics.

    Anyways, I sorta liked the video and am willing to overlook the fact that it was posted on the LG15 account. (Maybe they got the p/w from Dr. Hart, who had it b/c he was w/ Jonas & Co. for a time?)

  9. Is this really a super duper code?
    Maybe I'm just retarded but it just looks like the words are backwards and some are a bit mixed up.

    Not that it even that makes sense....

    'alas the master so he sinks in death'

    all the letters for this are here, but I dont know what good this is.....


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