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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Puzzle Solved!

Join the LG15Chat.

To discuss the "LG15 chat" in a quieter atmosphere join the fan run HymnOfOne chat.

Her screen name is EMMA07. She was joined by her mom and dad.

From LGPedia:

emma07: hi
emma07: thanks everybody for meeting me here
emma07: i'm okay
emma07: i don't feel great
emma07: ive been sleeping a lot
emma07: do you think my parents got my message?
Emmas_Mom: EMMA!!!
Emmas_Mom: Emma!
emma07: mom?
Emmas_Mom: honey yes it's me
Emmas_Mom: are you ok?
Emmas_Mom: how do you feel?
emma07: i'm still really tired
emma07: is dad there?
Emmas_Mom: yes honey he's here with me now
emma07: say hi for me
emma07: i miss you guys
Emmas_Mom: we MISS you too! big hug
Emmas_Mom: how are you feeling? are you ok?
Emmas_Dad: Emma it
emma07: everybody up at the cabin is being really great
Emmas_Dad: it's your dad
emma07: jennie's such a good friend
emma07: hi dad!!!
Emmas_Mom: you need a doctor
emma07: i'm so glad you guys got my message
Emmas_Dad: hello my darling
emma07: jonas say we can't go to a dr
Emmas_Dad: jonas is stubborn. do you feel alright?
Emmas_Mom: Emma, we were SO scared when we saw your videos
emma07: i'm okay. sleepy but i'm getting better i think
emma07: i know
Emmas_Dad: that monster..
emma07: i was so scared
Emmas_Dad: I couldn't eat or sleep or think of anything but you
Emmas_Dad: trying to rescue you
Emmas_Dad: did he hurt you?
emma07: yes but i'm okay
emma07: i was more afraid than anything
Emmas_Mom: emma, we were horrified by those videos
Emmas_Mom: thank goodess
emma07: i know i know
Emmas_Mom: goodness
Emmas_Mom: i wish i could hug you
emma07: i wish i could hug you guys too
Emmas_Dad: we are so glad that you are okay
Emmas_Mom: emma, can we come get you?
Emmas_Mom: take care of you
Emmas_Mom: ??
emma07: come get me?
Emmas_Mom: please we miss you so much
Emmas_Mom: yes
emma07: no i don't think that's a good idea
Emmas_Mom: your father and i think it would be a good idea if you were with us
Emmas_Mom: why not?
emma07: i shouldn't even be chatting with you guys
Emmas_Dad: emma, we are your parents
emma07: jonas would kill me
Emmas_Dad: we know what's best for you
Emmas_Dad: we LOVE you
Emmas_Dad: and want to take care you
emma07: i don't know if i can trust u guys
Emmas_Dad: like we always have
Emmas_Dad: what do you mean?
emma07: i love u but i don't know
Emmas_Mom: we feel so terrible about what happened before
Emmas_Mom: with the serum and everything...
emma07: jonas blames you guys for the syrum
Emmas_Mom: we were just trying to make you safe
Emmas_Mom: he doesn't understand
emma07: and i think i blame you too
Emmas_Mom: what it's like to see your child suffer
Emmas_Mom: what?
emma07: how can i not blame you
emma07: i nearly died
Emmas_Mom: we've seen the errors... we are so sorry honey
Emmas_Dad: we made a mistake
emma07: i know you were trying to help me but
Emmas_Dad: and we were wrong to trust the hymn... we thought they were a spiritual org
Emmas_Dad: exactly emma, we were trying to help you. to save you
emma07: you should have listened to jonas
Emmas_Dad: we're not with the hymn anymore
Emmas_Mom: we didn't understand
Emmas_Mom: we thought it was a way to appreciate life and grpw
Emmas_Mom: grow
emma07: maybe
emma07: it's not
Emmas_Mom: emma, we love you
Emmas_Mom: and miss you
Emmas_Mom: i know now that it isn't
emma07: how do i know you've actually left the hymn of one
Emmas_Dad: we've left the hymn of one. for goood
Emmas_Dad: Because we are your parents
emma07: i don't know
Emmas_Dad: and we are telling the truth
Emmas_Dad: I want us to be a family again, like before
Emmas_Dad: remember when we first took you in?
emma07: how can we be a family again
emma07: i want us to be but it feels impossible
Emmas_Mom: emma, remember those late night talks over hot chocolate
Emmas_Mom: and Gilmore Girl marathons... oh how we laughed!
emma07: i remember...
emma07: of course i remember
Emmas_Dad: and when you fell from that tree, how i scooped you up in my arms and took care of you
Emmas_Dad: and nursed you back to health
Emmas_Dad: i want to be there for you again
Emmas_Dad: we were so happy before all of this
emma07: i know
Emmas_Mom: let us come get you
emma07: i can't
Emmas_Mom: please
Emmas_Mom: honey
emma07: even if i wanted to see you guys
Emmas_Mom: please... jonas will understand
emma07: i can't leave jonas
Emmas_Mom: jonas is a tough kid and he can take care of himself
emma07: jonas is my brother
Emmas_Mom: he's a survivor
emma07: and he risked his life to save me
Emmas_Mom: and you have his strenght
Emmas_Dad: Jonas will understand
emma07: i can't abandon him
Emmas_Dad: Emma, you can't keep running
Emmas_Dad: an neither can Jonas
Emmas_Dad: you're still young and you need stability
emma07: i don't want to run anymore
emma07: i need to rest
Emmas_Dad: You're not abandoning Jonas this is what's best for you
emma07: i don't know
Emmas_Mom: you can get as much rest as you want with us
Emmas_Mom: Emma please let us take cre of you
Emmas_Mom: you need rest
emma07: i'm just really tired
Emmas_Dad: Okay Emma, you get some sleep and think about it
Emmas_Dad: But remember how much we LOVE you
Emmas_Dad: and MISS YOU
emma07: i know
emma07: i love you guys too
Emmas_Dad: and we can take care you
Emmas_Dad: we love yoU!!
Emmas_Mom: we love you
emma07: i miss you guys so much
Emmas_Mom: You know how to get in touch with Emma
emma07: makes me wanna cry
Emmas_Mom: please think about this
emma07: i'll think about it
Emmas_Mom: and contact us when you're ready
emma07: okay
Emmas_Mom: ok that
Emmas_Mom: that's all we ask
emma07: i know
emma07: goodnight momo
Emmas_Dad: Emma think about it
emma07: mom
emma07: goodnight dad
Emmas_Mom: goodnight honey
Emmas_Dad: goodnight darling
Emmas_Dad: we love you!

Full Emma chat log on LGPedia.

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  1. I think "Goodnight momo" has breeniversism potential. ;)

  2. Jonas is a survivor? Jonas is strong? Only because he HAD to be after his PARENTS vanished from his life without a trace!

    Emma's parents are a bunch of hypocrits. There's definitely something not right with them.


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