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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fuzzy Madness!

Recently there had been an explosion of videos for Fuzzy support (and also some footage of fuzzy homicide.)

Update: A new video was posted from deagols account, this one led to a Tinyurl page ( http://tinyurl.com/ye4gy4 ) That has a interactive game involving torturing an innocent Teddy Bear. Things ... seem to be getting worse for the fuzzys. The title of the video is an unsolved anagram, the description is a palindrome, and the Tags (RANTS ITCH) are an anagram for T IN STARCH.

I Hint Very Indecent Acts

Are we not pure? No Sir, prisoner up to new era.


A video was posted on Deagols account, with an angrammed title (SteveMediGod discovered it to mean "A Crunched Fuzzy Resists") as well as an Angrammed tag (S in STARCH)

Such Zests In Crazed Fury

God damn! Mad dog


Anonymouse61806 released another video with "at gmail dot com" as the tags. Could he mean [email protected] ?

Anonymouse said on the comments of this video : "I have set up an account for you. Login immediately. You SHOULD know the password."

Can you help to figure out the [email protected] E-mail password?


You know what to do.
I'll be waiting for you.


MrJRWSloth posted a video explaining his work with The Society of Small Travelers.

Chaque a son gout

Chaque a son gout


And Finally Poknish posted a video of his Fuzzy going wild!

F*ck you, Free the fuzzies

This is what happens when you let My Fuzzie dog watch The Free the Fuzzies movement


  1. oh dear!

    this will not end well.....

  2. steve's solution is nice, but flawed as it didn't make use of the tags.

  3. The Fuzzy Revolution has started!


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